3 Weeks Post-Op Explant Surgery, I Have Low Grade Fever and Still Hurt. Infection?

My implants were removed after having 15 infections and 2 "explore" surgeries over a 5 year period. My breasts are still tender and I am now running a low grade fever for 2 days. I had a drain for 3 days on the infected breast. Is it possible that I am infected again?

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Post-op infection?

Unfortunately, this online consultant site is not the appropriate place for this type of question.  If you are concerned about the presence of an infection you need to be evaluated by your surgeon ASAP.  Otherwise,  without examining you, the advice you received here is only speculation.

Best wishes.

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Fever after explantation

You may have an infection but it will likely clear up just fine since your implants have been removed.  It is difficult for your body to clear an infection while you have a foreign body in place but it is no problem for a healthy adult after the implants are removed.  Your low grade fever will likely dissapear in a couple of days.  Good luck!

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