Ruptured Saline Implant is Making Me Sick. Oral Thrush and Yeast Infections Non-Stop. What To Do?

I. Have so many problems since the implants. I am dealing with thrush and vag Yeast infection constantly since my rough saline ruptured I have so many health problems I've been dc. With advance disc dc I'm loosing all my upper teeth what do i do lora

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No systemic diseases associated with ruptured implants

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There is no question that the implant needs to be removed. It will not improve on its own and will potentially get worse over time. Leading to infection and silicone gel graulomas. There is no known association between ruptured implants and systemic  problems such as thrush and yeast infection.  Need to treat the yeast infection with a drug like Diflucan.  

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Does ruptured implant cause infections?

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There is no causal relationship between rupture of your saline implant and thrush, yeast infections or dental problems. These problems should be worked up and treated as controlling them should take precedence over removal of the implant or, if you wish to have it removed, then do not re-implant unless and until all of these other matters are resolved.

Symptoms of a ruptured implant

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A ruptured saline implant typically just results in anxiety on behalf of the patient because there is sudden deflation and loss of breast volume.  Rest assured, the saline should not do any harm to you as it is absorbed into your tissue.  The implant shell remains as it was before the rupture although now deflated in appearance.  I am concerned about your other symptoms, but I do not feel that they are related to the implant.  At some point, you should elect to either remove your implants or remove and replace them.  But, to address your dental and yeast infection issues, I would follow up with your primary care doctor and dentist.

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