Exercise + Breast Implant Removal

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Breasts Implant Removal After 5 Weeks; What to Expect During Recovery.

I am 40 years old and 110lbs, 5ft. 2in., and athletic. I was a 34 A/B and had 350cc silicone implants in for 5 weeks and 2 days. I very happily had... READ MORE

Breasts and Pectorals Look Weird After Implant Removal

After I had my implants removed, my breast look weird as well as the pectoral muscle. When I lift my arm, breast goes up also just as if i had... READ MORE

Had Explant Surgery 4 Days Ago, when Can I Resume Exercise? (photo)

I had my 325 sub muscular implants removed last week and my Dr. didn't really give me any restrictions. Just wanting some more opinions. Should I... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Implant Removal Can I Resume my Vigorous Activities As a Group Fitness Instructor?

I opted for implant removal after a series of problems that never seemed to cease. My first implants were done 22years ago, they were silicone. My... READ MORE

How Will I Know Fluid is Present in Capsule After Explantation with No Capsulectomy?

If there is fluid present in capsule will it go away eventually? Should I limit upper body stretching and exercising to allow capsule to heal ? READ MORE

When can I exercise after explant?

When can I return to high impact exercise such as jogging and kickboxing following breast explantation (no capsule removal)? What about low impact... READ MORE

After Explant Surgery, Will Pectoral Pain and Weakness Be As Great As It Was from the Original Surgery?

I am extremely athletic, engaging in activites where I rely heavily on arm balance and core strength. I had severe pectoral weakness after my augment... READ MORE

How Long Until I Can Go on Rollercoasters After Explant

I am planning on having my 245cc overs removed and not replaced. Just over four weeks after my surgery date my friend is planning to goto a theme park... READ MORE

Pectoral Exercise Before Breast Implant Removal?

In 6 weeks I'm having my 250cc sub pectoral breast silicone implants removed without replacement. I've had them for about 5 and a half years. I'm a 24... READ MORE

When will the pockets heal or how soon can I begin massaging and exercising them to help with the sagging?

I had 500cc saline mentors placed above the muscle and had implant removal 5 days ago. I had big breasts to begin with and now want to try to improve... READ MORE

How long will it take to recover from Breast Implant Removal? (Photo)

I had my implants added 8 months ago and I am ready to get them removed. My question is how long would you say recovery after removal takes? How long... READ MORE

I would like to take my 14 yr old saline under the muscle implants out and get a lift. Should I do it at the same time?

Should I do it at the same time? Would I have a better outcome if I take them out and let my breast heal into their natural shape before I lift them?... READ MORE

Will my chest stay caved in or will it fill out in time? Will exercise work?

I got my 450cc behind muscle implants removed and capsulectomy. I have drainage tubes for a week. just saw my breast yesterday and noticed the area... READ MORE

How long until I can exercise after explant?

Hi there I had my implants removed on thursday. Everything was fine and ive had no pain. They didnt remove the capsule. Im wondering when I will be... READ MORE

Exercise after explant?

In general, how long is the restriction on exercise? I've been doing CrossFit for almost 2 years and am curious about how long I'll have to be out of... READ MORE

Is this lateral displacement? Will it continue to get worse with exercise? Is revision surgery as costly as the first? (Photo)

I had my BA a little over 3 years ago and have been more than happy until recently. I am 5'1 111lbs 26 years old with 350cc saline gel implants under... READ MORE

Can I go back to boxing classes yet? (High impact / high cardio exercise)... Capsules were left in place....

I had my 350cc sub musc implants removed in office with local on Feb 10th 2016, PS left all of the capsule in place. When is it safe for me to resume... READ MORE

When can I wear a regular bra and at least run?

I had my implants removed after 2 weeks of having them I developed a serious hemotoma. I realized implants werent for me. Im 20 years old. My pa isnt... READ MORE

Sore pec muscles 3 years post explantation

I had breast implants removed 3 years ago. They were under the muscle (I don't know more details). The surgeon said that the capsule was very thin, so... READ MORE

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