1 Year Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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What Are Symptoms of Necrosis of the Nipple?

I had saline implants for ten years,they recently found a lump and a biopsy was done, Thank God it was a fibroadenoma. I got scared after the whole... READ MORE

Explant? Downsize? (photo)

I had 325cc silicone implant placed under the muscle over a year ago... while I think the surgeon did a great job my breasts have grown after and I... READ MORE

I Am Thinking of my Explanting Implants....but Not Sure How I Would Look After.

I am thinking of removing my implants. I was a 32 b after a baby and 7 months of nourishing her. I had 375 cc silicone gel implants put in last Feb. I... READ MORE

Can I have my one year old 700cc saline implants removed under local anesthesia without pocket closure ?

I am 30. I have had my 700 cc saline under the muscle implants for one year and I hate them and want them out completely. They were put in through an... READ MORE

34a to 36b With Saline 1 Year Ago; Feeling Odd Symptoms, Would Like Them Removed?

Got 325 and 275 saline implants 1 yr ago and now want them removed but scared of the out come. Everything has been great until i have began ti feel... READ MORE

Will an in-office explant work for me? What is the difference between drainage tubes and compression? What's best? (Photo)

Fourteen months ago I had a lift and implants. I started with a 32b/c ; I just wanted a little volume and less sag. I now am a 32dd, and I hate it. I... READ MORE

What are my options for making my breasts look more 'normal' post explant? (Photo)

It has been almost a year since my explant and I still seem to have extra skin. Had 32D implants for 10 years and now have 32A breasts that look empty... READ MORE

Is is a Brutal Surgery? Should I Be Worried?

I've had my implants in for over a year. I was naturally a C cup and had implants put in to fill in the top of my breast were they sagged. However now... READ MORE

Pec Muscle Attached One Year on - What Can Be Done?

I am one year on from having my implants removed. My right pec muscle is attached to the breast tissue causing it to move upwards and crinkle when... READ MORE

1 year post surgery. R. side had lump removed and implants. Lump lost. no results? (photo)

Now R breast nipple/area ITCHY. Wakes me up. Had surgery to remove old silicone implants (ruptured) Nov 2012. A deep lump was found R. breast. It was... READ MORE

Thinking about explanting just after having my BA one year ago; could I return to what I had before the surgery? (Photo)

I have 325cc texture implants over the muscle, was wondering if I could return to what I had before the surgery ?or would it be worse?I have read... READ MORE

Had under the muscle BA a year ago and developed capsular contracture in left breast. What are long-term effects of explant?

I wish to have my 1 year old silicone under the muscle implants removed as I have developed capsular contracture in my left side. What are the long... READ MORE

I had an explant a year ago after six weeks of breast implants. Why do I still feel depressed?

OK here is my question . One year ago exactly I had breast implants due to the fact that I felt I had chosen a large size I had developed severe panic... READ MORE

I've had my implants for a year and would like to explant - Will I be smaller after explant?

I have had my implants, 295cc dual plane since February 2014 and would like them removed. I am 5'4 128lbs -this is the same as what I was a year ago.I... READ MORE

I want to have my implants removed after 1 year but I am afraid of what my breasts will look like after, will they bounce back?

I was a 34A and had 300cc silicone implants placed under the muscle via transaxillary incisions. I have been unhappy since week 3 and I want to have... READ MORE

I need an explant. What questions should I ask? My dream come true is now a nightmare. 1.5 years later 5000.00 wasted (Photos)

Only had boobs a year and a half and they are making me ill. I have my story but it won't let me post it. READ MORE

If I get my implants removed, will the skin that was stretched over the implant form back to my breast tissue?

I had a breast augmentation 1 year ago and am considering removing them due to discomfort and dissatisfaction. They do not look or feel like I... READ MORE

Itchy breasts 1 year after explanation. Could it be silicone poisoning?

I had my silicone implants removed from under the muscle a little over a year ago. My doc said he didn't find it necessary for a capsulectomy because... READ MORE

Could Scar Tissue or Left over from Breast Explant or Silicon Particulates Cause Cancer?

I had my encapsulated breast implants removed a little over a year ago. Last week, I had the first mammogram since the surgery. I just received a... READ MORE

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