Yoga + Breast Augmentation

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Yoga/plank after breast augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation 6 weeks ago. 440cc silicone under muscle. I am wondering when I can start doing yoga and/or a plank. I am worried about... READ MORE

Will I Still Be Able to Do Yoga and All the Movements After my BA?

I am quite advanced with my yoga practise, and I love it. I do hot yoga and Ashtanga, I am certified to teach also. Arm balances, inversions - will... READ MORE

Is Under or Over Muscle Best For And Active Person?

Hi I am a bit confused as to whether to get the breast implants under or over the muscles, i am very active, do alot of weight lifting and cardio. But... READ MORE

When can I return to yoga after a breast augmentation placed under the muscle?

I am quite advanced in my yoga practice (headstands, arm balances, handstands, etc) and I am itching to get back into it. I am one week post op now,... READ MORE

Extreme Pain in Right Shoulder/Breast 1 Month Post This Normal?

Got breast aug March 9th, silicone under the muscle. My dr. gave me the go ahead and I went back to yoga after 1 month. I felt a sharp pain and had... READ MORE

The lower pole of my breasts have an indent. Have I Bottomed out? What is the next step? (photos)

The lower pole of my breasts have an indent in them. It seems as if my breasts are hanging off my implant. Also, my breasts indent a lot more when I... READ MORE

Full Time Yoga Teacher.. over or Under the Muscle. Which is Best for Me?

I'm a full time yoga teacher living in Asia. I'm 5 days pre-op and my doc is a specialist in over the muscle BA. He suggests that due to my daily work... READ MORE

Is it normal for my breasts to be feeling sore after practicing yoga? I'm almost 2 months post-op.

I am a week from being 2 months post-op & my implants were placed under the muscle. I have been practicing hot yoga for about a week (stopped now... READ MORE

How long after breast augmentation can I do certain yoga postures? How do I lie on my chest for massage?

After BA, how do I sleep? When or how do I lay on my chest, ie. for massage therapy or yoga? When prostrate do I have to protect them a certain way,... READ MORE

How soon after BA surgery can I start doing yoga?

Yoga, exercise, stretching, headstand, upper body. How about weight training and chest exercises? What are some concerns must patients share about... READ MORE

What is a yoga instructor's best option for breast augmentation? Saline, Silicone, Submuscular, Subglandular or none.

I am a 34 year old yoga instructor who has breast implant surgery scheduled on July 2nd (two weeks from now) and am having some serious concerns about... READ MORE

Hot yoga after breast augmentation?

Hello I am 2 weeks post op and my doctor says my beasts look great and everything healed very well. He says I can do hot yoga now and I may go... READ MORE

How soon after BA can I resume Yoga?

I had an explantation due rupture in left breast Jul'13 and then revision BA over the muscle 275cc.Nov 19'13. Its now over 2 months; there is a... READ MORE

Will my pectoralis muscle be permanently weaker after BA?

I am one month post op. Im a yoga instructor and today when teaching my class I tried to do a plank (up in pushup position) and I collapsed. I know Im... READ MORE

8 weeks post op.. Left breast implant moves upward and feels weird when doing yoga.

Since the beginning I've had issues with my left breast. My doctor put in more cc's in my left than my right. I noticed when I do certain exercises, I... READ MORE

When can I continue doing yoga?

I am having my 380/400 cc implants removed with local in one month. I do yoga daily and was curious as to how long I will need to relax and stay off... READ MORE

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