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Is the Rash Around my Incision an Allergic Reaction? (photo)

The "skin glue" came off of my incision 2 days ago ( i am 14 days post op) and I have developed a rash on the incision where the glue was and even... READ MORE

Causes and Remedies For Horrible Rash/ Reaction Post Breast Augmentation? (photo)

My daughter just had breast augmentation on feb.8th. (Silicone). About a week after surgery, she developed a rash around the side of her right breast,... READ MORE

What is this red rash around incision? 5 weeks post op (Photo)

Hey, I had breast augmentation done 5 weeks ago, surgical glue was used. For the past (roughly) 2 weeks around my left incision has been SO itchy.... READ MORE

Rash on Both Sides of Breast Post Op? (photo)

My BA was May 3rd 2012 and the end of June the following month both of my breasts became very red and itchy, now both sides have patches of dark skin... READ MORE

2 Months Post Op BA with Allergic Reaction to Neosporin, Thick Rash Around Scar? (photo)

I started neosporin on post op day 6 and continued to use for 1 week until it was confirmed that I was having an allergic reaction to it. I stopped... READ MORE

I Accidentally Dried my Compression Bra, and I Am Very Itchy. Should I Call my Doctor About This?

I'm on my third day after breast augmentation. I accidentally dried my Compression Bras in the dryer after having breast augmentation. The braw is... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Rash, Bruising And Discolouration 1.5 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

1.5/52 post BA I developed a red itchy rash on my right rib/breast. This resolved 3 later and what remains what is a blotchy purple like bruise with... READ MORE

Rash/Hives After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

My BA was 8/5/13. I got silicone under the muscle, under the breast incisions with dissolvable stitches. At week 2, my PS removed the original white... READ MORE

I Had Breast Augmentation 6 Years Ago and Developed Rash- Connected?

The rash is moving up my neck and had a swollen lymph node in armpit. had mamogram and ultrasound all negative. Skin doc says its sun damage. it all... READ MORE

Burning skin all over body with rash hot to touch 5 weeks post-op (photo)

Been on steroid cream steriods which helped keflex can this be from disovlable stiches or what? its not a change of soap nothing is diffrent started 3... READ MORE

Could This Rash and Temperature Be a Reaction From Meds After Breast Lift/Aug?

Temp.100* Skin Rash on Back, Arms, Neck&chest. I'm on Bactrum! What's Wrong? Started having a rash hive like reaction while in the shower today. I... READ MORE

What is this rash on my breast two years after augmentation? (photo)

I had 305cc silicone implants placed 2 years ago at the age of 35. Today I noticed this rash. I was surprised to see it as I have no pain associated... READ MORE

I am getting hives on my incision line months after surgery. Should I see the dr and which do I see?

I had Breast augmentation in January and I went for my 3 month follow up in March and everything was well. For the past couple months (2-3) I have... READ MORE

Am I Eligible for Breast Reconstruction? (photo)

If i dont wear a bra i get a rash. there really arent any options for me as far as containing them. they fall out of bras, EVEN sprotsbras. i have to... READ MORE

I have uneven breasts. My right breast was huge, saggy, and the nipple pointed down. Will it even out? (photo)

My right breast caused rashes, a horrible hole which drained pus, and horrible back pain. My life was miserable. But thanks to the insurance for... READ MORE

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