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New Onset Tugging/painful Sensation in Left Breast 7 Months Post Augmentation.

I had submuscle silicone implants 7 mths ago. I've had a normal course of healing with typical numbness and nipple hyperesthesia and a benign... READ MORE

Tightness and Pulling Feeling a Week After Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation almost a week and a half ago. On my right side (my dominant side) about two days ago I noticed that there was a tightness... READ MORE

Pulling Movement 3 Weeks Post-op

Hi I am 3wks post op after ba and feel a pulling nerve sensation (almost like the implant is moving or rubbing against my breast wall) in my left... READ MORE

How long after Breast Augmentation do your breast stay numb?

Both breast feel numb but I also feel like my nipple on my right breast is being twisted and pulled. BUT when I go to massage my breasts I don't feel... READ MORE

2 wks after Breast Augmentation, when I lift my arm, I have 4 raised lines pulling at the bottom of my breast it hurts. (photo)

I am 2 weeks and 1 day after my breast augmentation silicon gummy bear 475cc under muscle with breast lift. When I lift my arm my left breast... READ MORE

1 Week Post BA- Having Pain After My Arm Was Pulled Hard. What To Do?

I Have Alot of Pain After my Arm Was Pulled by Husband I had my Breast  Implant 6 days Ago  What Can I Do Now? READ MORE

I am 7 months post op and am now so worried I have symmastia? (photo)

My skin pulls up in the middle when I pull my breats out ( to the sides ) and when I bend foward as well :( I'm now questioning why I ever went ahead... READ MORE

Did I Pull a Muscle?

On March 23rd I had a BA so I'n still healing and I've tried taking it easy. But sometimes I strech my arms too far reaching for something and all of... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, is it the incision come apart? (photo)

Im 6 wks post op with a lift & BA. Scab fell off a few days ago. Now the incision is getting wider. Like the skin is pulling apart. It is currently... READ MORE

11 days post op now, at 9 days I pulled down my garage door that wasn't working and used my pectorials. Will I be okay? (photos)

I called his office to be seen because my right breast had bruising the first 5 days which has subsided. I asked my PS if this was normal and he said... READ MORE

I have a pulling sensation in my arm after breast augmentation, is it a blood clot?

Friday I will be three weeks since my breast augmentation. This week I have been feeling a pulling sensation in my arm ( between my armpit and elbow)... READ MORE

Why do breasts feel like they are getting pulled when doing push ups?

I had my breast augmentation July 15th 2014. I have 450cc silicon under the muscle. When I do push ups the gap in between my breast feels really tight... READ MORE

Aching and pulling between breasts. 2 wks post op. 310cc overs. Is this normal? (photos)

2 wks post op. Incisions perfectly healed. Have tenderness around the sides but not needing pain relief. Discomfort in the area between my breasts has... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a burning sensation in the breast? It feels like something has been pulled. I had my op two weeks ago.

I had hey presto augmentation done 2 weeks ago and on my left side when I get up to what it feels like something pulled and it hurts do you know what... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Breast Augmentation, my breast are still not soft. Is this normal?

After 3weeks and half my breast still not soft and feeling like as gravity pulling something heavy downward while walking READ MORE

Sharp pulling sensation on bottom inside of left breast for about 8 days now. Am 2 wks post-op, under-muscle, silicone (265cc)?

While both breasts are still pretty sore, this “pulling” feels different than the general achiness. I had my PS examine me 4 days ago. Even though my ... READ MORE

How common is internal suture release? Can it cause complications or compromise healing?

I am 2 weeks post-op - general breast aug, no complications. Today I reached up very high and across my body to get something and felt a pull/release... READ MORE

When I bent over to pick up a towel 5 days after my breast aug, my right implant felt like it was pulling away from my body?

I am 6 days post op. I got 415 HP textured Sientra implants over the muscle (under the fascia). When I went to pick up a towel, my right implant felt... READ MORE

I had breast augmentation less than 2 weeks ago. I think I pulled something while walking my dog. What should I do?

My dog was trying to attack another dog and pulled on the leash. I had to let go because I was afraid to be injured. I had transaxillary BA less than... READ MORE

1 year post op- muscle pulled underneath breast. Any suggestions?

I am one year post op and have recently started going to the gym.My left breast feels like it had become very slightly deflated and not as full as the... READ MORE

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