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Are Rubbing "Squeaky" Noises 3 Weeks Post op Normal?

I had my BA 17 days ago(sub-muscular silicone). Immediately after the surgery I noticed a lot of squeaking and popping, which I knew was normal and it... READ MORE

3weeks Post Op Pain & Popping Sound After Ba?

2wks after ba while doing my massage I notice a popping sound on the outside my right breast, 3 days later I started feeling pain now I am at the... READ MORE

Im 2 Days Post Op, Felt a Popping?

I was sleeping elevated on my chaise when I went to get up, I tried to ease up but I had to put both hands down to help push myself up, when I did... READ MORE

Could High Altitude Be Causing Changes in Breast Implants Like Popping Sounds?

I have had silicone breast implants for 6 years. I have lived at sea level and at an altitude of 9000 feet and have not had any issues. I have... READ MORE

I Had Silicone Breast Augmentation 8 Months Ago and I Feel Like There's Lumps Deep Inside in the Areola Part on the Left Breast?

Since the surgery i always felt the left side never felt normal like the other side. If i jogged it felt weird and aerola was always sensitve on the... READ MORE

Had a Very Firm Hug 2 Weeks Post Breast Augmentation and Heard a Pop Noise?

I got a very hard bear hug from a friend that didn't realize I wasn't healed. It was pressured more to my right side and I felt something like a pop... READ MORE

Vigorously massaging breast after silicone BA and was squeezing downward, heard and felt a pop. Should I be worried?

I was instructed by my PS to massage my silicone breast as hard as I could tolerate due to riding high. When squeezing downward I felt and heard a pop... READ MORE

Popping Feeling 4 Weeks 5 Days Post BA? (photo)

I'm 4wks 5 days since my BA. Doing my massage where I lift my breast from the top area hold for 5 sec then drop. But lately I'm getting a popping... READ MORE

Will I need a revision? - 2.5 months PO and right implant is not dropping (photos)

I'm 2.5 months PO and concerned at the lack of progress with dropping of my right breast. It does not seem to have changed much at all from day 10. I... READ MORE

5 different flights in 24 Hours, 9 months Post-OP, gurgling sounds. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi. I had to take 5 flights and change altitude numerous times driving in 24 hours. About 15 hours in my right breast started making gurgling/popping... READ MORE

Will popping pimples on breast implants cause damage?

Hello I've undergone breast augmentation about 4 months ago, I've had silicone gel subglandular. I've developed some pimples and I've popped them will... READ MORE

Possible popped out vein under my breast fold? (photos)

I'm 3 weeks post op and just noticed this under both my breast. I've been hesitant to sit or stand upright due to the sore and tightness of my skin... READ MORE

Is There Something Wrong with my Implants or Me?

I tried to crack my back 3 days after breast aug, since I was numb from the pain pills, stupid, i know, but I felt a pop then later came severe pain... READ MORE

Need to Locate a Doctor Near Burbank California to Pop my Saline Implant

I need to locate a surgeon near burbank california to pop my saline implant so I can have seemetry until im done with going to bootcampand am ready to... READ MORE

Left Breast is Very Hard What Should I Do to Releave the Pain?

I had breast reduction surgery about 3 weeks ago and my left breast on the left side is really hard, like uncomfortable hard, my doctor stated that... READ MORE

Is this normal for holes to be opening up everywhere after breast augmentation? (photos)

The holes are coming out of no where I don't know why . I feel popping and it so painful can somebody please tell me what you think I should do .... READ MORE

1 year post op, I have crackling, or popping in chest/ cleavage area? Is this normal?

Sometimes when I arch my back i feel a sensation of cracking or bubbling/popping on my chest. It doesn't seem to be my breasts exactly but its by the... READ MORE

3-1/2 months post op from breast augmentation and I heard an odd suction noise? Is this normal?

I have silicone breast implants & when I move a certain way or tighten my chest muscles I get this odd noise & feeling. Sometimes almost like a... READ MORE

Could something be wrong or is this normal? (Photo)

Had BA on July 2nd. Saline under muscle 475 ccs left/ 575 ccs right. Developed a seroma in my left breast 2 wk PO. Had 2nd surgery on July 22nd. Doc... READ MORE

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