Internal stitch ruptured a bit and feeling pain - will the internal wound heal by itself? Or will it have to be sewn together?

I am 2.5 weeks post op getting submuscular BA. About a week ago I felt an edgy bulge in my right breast (placed in the bottom, the lateral part of the breast, close to the incision). I can "pop" it in/out, like a plastic bubble. You cannot see it (yet?). I feel pain around the bulge, especially after arm movements. Went to my PS, he said it is possibly an internal stitch that has ruptured. Will this wound heal again by itself? Or should I get it sewn after 3 months? (I just need a 2nd opinion).

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Internal Sutures


Thank you for your question. If one suture released, the implant pocket should still heal well with proper support. It is possible to feel the implant in areas where tissues are thinnest. This can become apparent as swelling subsides and implants begin to drop. I recommend that you follow up with your Plastic Surgeon in person if you see concerning changes.

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Internal stitch ruptured?

Best advice is usually to follow the advice of your surgeon who knows what was done at the time of surgery. Leave it alone for now and follow up with your surgeon so that they can monitor the healing.

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Ruptured internal stitch

Thank you for your question.  If you have torn an internal stitch, you most likely will not need it  repaired.  The tissue around the stitch should heal on its own.  I would wait at least three months to see  if you develop any kind of bulging of the implant.  I would not pressure on the implant to 'pop' it in and out.  Let your body heal.  Follow up with your plastic surgeon in 2 to 3 months. Good luck!

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Internal stitch question

Thanks for your question. I would trust your plastic surgeon's opinion as he/she has the best idea what was done during your surgery. Generally even if an internal stitch breaks it is recommended to wait until the healing process is complete to see if it made any difference to your overall outcome. A lot of times the surgeon uses several internal stitches and even if one pops it won't make a difference to your cosmetic result. If it causes a deformity you can visually see your plastic surgeon get better guide you as to the proper time for a revision. 


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Internal stitch ruptured a bit and feeling pain - will the internal wound heal by itself? Or will it have to be sewn together?

At only 2.5 weeks post op, best to let your breast heal fully and see how it looks in ~4-6 months. If the healing is impaired in any way, you can then decide with your operating surgeon on how best to address it. Good luck!

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