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After my Breast Augmentation my Breasts Are Flat when I Lay Down!? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation in December of 2011. So its almost been 7 months since my surgery!! My right one has dropped and my doctor agreed and we... READ MORE

I Have Shooting on my Right Breast After my BA (12 Days Post Op) on the Outside Around my Stitches to my Nipple Area? (photo)

It has been so sharp and painful that it wakes me up at night multiple times a night. It seems to be close to the stitches area, however they are not... READ MORE

I Am 5'2, 112 Pounds & Getting 465cc Gummybear Implants What Around What Cup Size Will I Be?

My Surgery is on wednesday and my doctor and ordered the 465 cc cohesive gel and 520 cc cohesive gel to show me the size of them both he recommended... READ MORE

Inserted 335cc Gummy Bear Implants and I Am Still an A Cup. Why is That? (photo)

I was previously a mildly tuberous A cup and I really wanted to become a full C... I know there is scoring and everything else that I know you'd have... READ MORE

Size After Swelling with Gummy Bear 410's Anatomical

I am a 32A bra size, and fill it out fully. I am 116lbs, 5'2 ft. I am getting the 410 Allergan Anatomical implant size 280 grams MM. I am hoping... READ MORE

Age 21, 116 lbs, with 300cc gummy bear implants. 2 1/2 months since operation. Capsular contracture? Maybe symmestia? (photos)

1: I fear that I might have a minor case of the "uniboob", because whenever I wear a push up bra, I don't get cleavage, my implants just come closer... READ MORE

Little to no breast tissue, petite/thin frame. What implants would be best for me? (Photo)

A few things: I am 5'4 and 95lbs (high metabolism) with little to no breast tissue. I have included photos of my chest and body frame to get the best... READ MORE

I'm interested in the gummy bear implant but I'm 20. Do you have to be 22 to get implants?

I'm interested in the gummy bear implant but I'm 20. I heard you have to be 22. If that's true can I get my parents to sign and say yes for me or will... READ MORE

Would Reducing Implants by 80CC be Worth it?

I had my breast augmentation over a year ago with 180 cc anatomical gummy bear implants. I weight only 95 pounds and am very skinny therefore my... READ MORE

Is it dangerous to be under anesthesia for 2 hours? Can you do a very small amount liposuction at the same time as a boob job?

Im planning on getting my breast enhanced and putting in allergan (?)/ gummy bears, I also want to have a liposuction underneath my chin. I'm not... READ MORE

Silicone or Gummy Bear breast implants for a patient under 22 years old?

I am 18 years old and currently researching breast augmentation. I've spoken to a number of doctors and made many consultation appointments. I know... READ MORE

How Do I Find Surgeon Using Cohesive Gel (Gummy Bear) Implants? Since Allergen's Approval, when Will All Surgeons Use It?

I found a surgeon whose work I really like, but I know he does not do gummy bear implants yet, should I wait until he starts using the cohesive (gel)... READ MORE

When Would a Gummy Bear Implant Be Preferable to Use?

Perhaps for a slightly tuberous or constricted breast? My plastic surgeon says we are limited to 280cc for a smooth round silicone implants without... READ MORE

Rippling with Gummy bear under muscle. What are my options? (Photo)

BA 7 weeks ago. Gummy bear, under muscle. Left breast had significant pain, now has severe rippling and possibly dropping too low. What are my... READ MORE

Seattle Breast Augmentation Revision Doctor Recommendations

I had breast implant revision surgery recently to replace saline implants which visibly wrinkled. I have very little breast tissue and therefore chose... READ MORE

Can women with sagging breast get a gummy bear implant?

I went from a B to a D during my pregnancy and now that I'm 2 years done breastfeeding I'm barley a B I have a lot of excess skin, would I be able to... READ MORE

Have I been given the wrong type of implant and pockets? (Photo)

Had lift with implants. Gummy bear, 335 left, 355 right smooth round high protection Sientra; done 1 year ago. my skin is thin after 3 kids but the... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 3 Weeks Ago, I Can Feel the Edges of the Implant?

I had breast augmentation a little over 3 weeks ago. One of my breasts came down to where it is supposed to be (i think), the other one is on its way.... READ MORE

Would 325cc Gummy Bear Silicone Gel Look Too Big for Me?

I am 5'4" , 108lbs, currently wearing 32A bras. I am looking for a full B to a small C. Would a 325cc size silicone gummy bear gel give me... READ MORE

Small (36A), pointy breasts. Are above the muscle, "gummy-bear" implants ideal?

I'm no fitness freak, but I enjoy working out/ lifting weights; hence was told above the muscle would be better. But would the form stable,... READ MORE

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