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What Does "Drop and Fluff" Refer to in a Breast Augmentation? Will They Get Larger?

I Went with 325cc and Wish I Had Went with 350cc. Did I make a mistake? When can I go back for bigger ones? READ MORE

How long does it take for the implants to drop and fluff completely?

I am 4 months post op today. They are not as close together as I would like them to be and they don't seem to go all the way down into the pocket of... READ MORE

Do silicone gel implants drop and fluff after they settle? (photo)

I had sientra 425cc textured shaped silicone implants done under the muscle 11 days ago. I am wondering if they are going to drop and fluff or stay... READ MORE

320cc Subglandular Silicone, 3 Wks Post-op. I Know They'll Drop, but Will They "Fluff" Too? (photo)

Hi there, I was curious about this "dropping and fluffing" phenomenon. Do implants over the muscle (particularly subglandular like mine) fluff like... READ MORE

Will my textured implants drop and fluff? (photos)

They are under the muscle size 480cc Sientra textured. My nipples are low implants are high and they slope awkward and look disconected from my actual... READ MORE

3 weeks Post-Op, Will I Drop Anymore? (photo)

Here are a few pictures of me post-op, I feel like I'm sitting so low already but I want more fullness in my lower pole. I'm only 3 weeks post-op I... READ MORE

Will my bra size increase after my breast "drop and fluff"?

I'm 5'2, 105lbs, bmi 18.8, band measurement 27, breast fed 3 children. Previous cup size A wishing for a small D. Now I'm 3 wks post breast... READ MORE

Will I Still Drop and Fluff if I Wear an Underwire 20 Days Post Op (photo)

I got 600cc sublglandular implants. My ps said I could start wearing an underwire bra. I got an areola reduction also. I breastfed two kids, he said I... READ MORE

Do I Just Need to Drop and Fluff? (photo)

I'm asking this question again with better photos! Its early days (6 days post op) and I probably just need to be patient but I am worried my breasts... READ MORE

My implants had drop & fluff. Will the swelling go away and implants look bigger? (photos)

HP silicone complete under muscle not cut 550cc in the left very short lower pole & 400cc with a lift right breast The left breast is sitting very... READ MORE

Does anyone know if they my implants will look bigger after they drop and fluff?

Hey girls I just had my BA I am 5'9 135lbs pre op 34 A , I got 450 cc moderate plus mentor and am so disappointed with the size!!! I told my ps I... READ MORE

Will Dropping Make my Boobs Lose Its Perkiness? (photo)

I just had BA surgery a few days ago. I've been hearing about this dropping and fluffing, something my surgeon hasn't mentioned. I had my surgery done... READ MORE

Did I finish "Dropping and Fluffing" already at 7 weeks post op based on my progression photos? (photos)

Hello, here is my progression photo from 4 weeks to 7 weeks post op. Did I finish dropping and fluffing already? Is this my final look? I still feel... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take to Fully Drop and Fluff?

I had a breast augmentation about 7 months ago, they have dropped considerably, but not completely where I would like them. Will this be the position... READ MORE

Three weeks out and still look like teenage boobs.. no roundness.. is there still hope? (photo)

Presurgery hardly A. I'm a wide set girl so we went high profile 425cc (submuscluar gel high profile). It's 3 weeks after surgery and though the pain... READ MORE

Overall opinion, dropping and potential nipple revision. Will I need one? (Photo)

My lift plus augmentation was three and a half weeks ago, overall I am very happy! My right breast is still a bit high, which I think is normal this... READ MORE

5 days post op, one breast implant is dropping faster than the other, is this normal?

I had a breast augmentation last Wednesday (I am 5 days post op). I understand that I will have to wait for the dropping and fluffing process to... READ MORE

Are my breasts going to get bigger? (photos)

A week ago I received 650cc UHP silicone breast implant. Prior to that, I was a 34A (maybe a small B) I feel like my implants are not as big as I... READ MORE

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