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Can I Still Have Swelling at 2 Months Post-BBL?

I had a brazilian butt lift on july 28, and had my stomach,flanks, back,knee,and whole thigh. I have a soft mushly feeling and wanted to know if that... READ MORE

Why is my Lower Butt Soft and Flat After Lipo and Fat Transfer? (photo)

I am 27 years old and two weeks ago I had liposuction and fat tranfer to my butt. The top of my butt is big and hard and the bottom of my butt is... READ MORE

I want to know why couple of days after surgery my butt were and still is super soft? (photos)

I had my brazilian butt lift on on 6-5-14 and I noticed that couple of days after my surgery my butt were n still very soft the only hard part is on... READ MORE

Post Op 10 Days and Swelling Has Gone Down Alot and Butt is Softening Pretty Quickly is This Normal?

5`7 185 lbs.. Had bbl done 10 days ago and my swelling has went down a lot and my butt is very soft on one side and getting softer on the other is... READ MORE

Why is my butt hard after having a BBL? Will it soften up and fluff up?

Why is my butt hard after having a bbl. Will it soften up and fluff up? READ MORE

PO 20 days, any way to aid reabsorption? When will it get soft? Thigh lipo not done? Should i get a revision? (Photo)

I didnt want hips added & wanted 400 cc max bc i wanted to reshape and have conservative results. Staff claims inner thigh lipo was done but no... READ MORE

When Can You Perform Dancing After BBL?

I love to dance but I'm concerned about whether my BBL will shake or be soft....I don't want a hard rear end I want it too be soft not hard . READ MORE

I had a consultation for a Brazilian Butt Lift & I was told my butt is too firm. How can I get my butt softer?

I had a consultation for a brazilian butt lift. I was told my butt is too firm and that I need to soften it up.I tried googling, but can't find a way... READ MORE

Butt is already softening 2 weeks post Brazilian Butt Lift. Does this mean the fat is dissolving?

By day 9 or 10 post procedure I noticed softening in my butt. Im thinking that it is too soon for my butt to be softening. Do you think this is a sign... READ MORE

Large area of fat necrosis 6 months after BBL surgery. Is there anything I can do to soften it, other than massages?

I had BBL done 6 months ago and I have a large area of hardness in my right cheek and a semi large area in my left. My surgeon said it more than... READ MORE

5 Days Post Lipo/BBL - Butt softening???

I'm 5 days post lipo/bbl, no drains, open incisions. Incisions have closed and I am not draining. I noticed today that the top of my butt is soft and... READ MORE

How long does it take for the fat transferred to the buttocks To get soft?

I got the smart Lipo with the fat transfer to the buttocks on May 8th Everything is looking good although my butt is hard and swollen right now, which... READ MORE

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift 5 days ago. My booty is hard as a brick. Any suggestions?

I really can't see any difference. I look like sponge Bob square pants to me. Is this normal? Will it soften up and fill out? READ MORE

I just had a Brazilian butt lift today. I noticed that one cheek is significantly larger then the other. Any suggestion? (photo)

I just had the procedure done this afternoon and found one side to be much larger then the other, also the butt is very hard to the touch. Can the... READ MORE

BBL 6 months ago. There is a hard spot on the side of my butt cheek. How long does it take for the butt to fully soften?

It's also bruised and dark colored where the hard spot is. Should I massage it on my own? Or just give it more time to fully soften? READ MORE

When will my stomach soften after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had my brazillian butt lift done a bit over a month ago in cancun, my stomach is very hard still and I'm wondering if this is normal and when it... READ MORE

I'm 5 months post op and my butt is still firm. How can I help to soften it?

I got a bbl 5 months ago and my butt is still firm. It's 50% softer then it was day 1 post op, but it's still a lot firmer then my pre op butt. About... READ MORE

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