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I Have Sickle Cell Disease and Want a Brazilian Butt Lift!

My measurements are 33-31-37, I'm 5'8" & I would like to be at 36-26-42. With that being said I have Sickle Cell Disease and want the... READ MORE

Are There Any Plastic Surgeons Willing to Provide a Fat Transfer Procedure to my Butt?

I'm a healthy 33 year old SC sickle cell patient . I've lost 40 pounds in the last year . My butt looks deflated since the weight loss . I have a... READ MORE

Can Someone Have BBL, with All Areas of Lipo and Be a Carrier of Just the Sickle Cell Trait?

What necessary precautions is needed by the surgeon? Medications, oxygen, anesthesia?etc. READ MORE

I have the sickle cell disease. Should I forget about wanting cosmetic surgery specifically a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I spoke to my doctor and she told me because I have sickle cell that I am a higher risk than a person without sickle cell. I understand that however I... READ MORE

Do Preexisting Conditions Rule out Cosmetic Surgery?

I have HCM and carry the sickle cell trait. A surgeon told me I was too risky candidate because both my internal medicine doctor and cardiologist... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift and sickle cell trait?

I believe as a child and I cannot find the card anymore...that I have the sickle cell trait ,not the actual disease.I am willing to test for it again... READ MORE

Can an AS Genotype Person Undergo a Completely Normal BBL and a Good Recovery?

Arent AS genotype people the ones popularly called 'people with sickle cell trait'? Im concerned and need to know before making decisions. Really want... READ MORE

Why is it that most of my friends who got the BBL surgery needed blood transfusions after?

I want this surgery soo bad cuz I have no one curve..but I have the sickle cell trait and I'm scared for my life ..being that all my friends except... READ MORE

Sickle cell trait and BBL! Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello!!ok I have the sickle cell trait!I plan on getting clearance from a blood docter...but I read up here ..with my condition. .I should have... READ MORE

Can I get a Brazilian butt lift if I have sickle cell trait?

Can I get a Brazilian butt lift if I have sickle cell trait. I did a EKG test and everything's fine I'm just waiting on my blood results READ MORE

BBL with Tumescent lipo. Can I get this procedure?

I am a healthy young lady and would like to have tumescent lipo with BBL, have a history of hypothyroidism, took meds for only 1 month, haven't had... READ MORE

Sickle cell trait and a BBL?

So I was just rejected by a online consultation in regards to getting my BBL , because I have sickle cell trait. I’ve been healthy al my life , I... READ MORE

Sickle cell trait and raising hemoglobin to an acceptable range for surgery, is it possible?

I want to get a bbl and a tummy tuck this summer. I have not chosen a doctor because I'm not even sure if I am a good candidate. I have sickle cell... READ MORE

My name Fran, I am 25 years old and I have sickle cell anaemia disease. Can I do fat transfer from my belly to buttocks?

Can I get a transfer from my stomach to my bum? What are the major risk? What precautions need to be taken before & after surgery e.g blood... READ MORE

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