I have the sickle cell disease. Should I forget about wanting cosmetic surgery specifically a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I spoke to my doctor and she told me because I have sickle cell that I am a higher risk than a person without sickle cell. I understand that however I am very healthy I have not had a crisis since I was a small child and I have a very good hemoglobin level. So because I have this disorder do I really have to give up on wanting the body that I want or is it still possible?

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Sickle disaese

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Thank you for the question.

I wouldn't recommend for a sickle disease patient to have any cosmetic surgery, a crisis might break out because of the body going through stress. I believe that your health should be more important.

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Sickle Cell Disease and Cosmetic Surgery

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Most surgeons would agree that if you have sickle cell disease (not just the trait), than you are a poor candidate for elective cosmetic surgery. Even if your hemoglobin level is good, the stress of surgery may cause a Sickle Cell Crisis which is painful and can be dangerous. If you only have Sickle Cell Trait, then surgery should be fine.

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