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Does Lower Back Swelling After a Brazilian Butt Lift Make Ur Butt look Smaller?

I had a brazilian butt lift one week ago; i have no butt! my lowerback is swollen and I look like a board;FLAT! It's so sad to see this when i... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the fat lump in lower back after brazilian butt lift?

I had BBL almost 1 year ago. I know that massages help right after the surgery to remove any lumps, but what about 1 year later? There is a small lump... READ MORE

6 month post op Brazilian Butt Lift, certain areas of my butt and lower back is a bit sore. Is this normal?

Hi im reaching my 6 month mark for post op BBL. But certain areas of my butt and lower back where I was lipo'd is still a bit sore. Has a bruised... READ MORE

How long do I have to wear the triangle on my lower back after BBL? Also when can I get my stiches removed? (Photo)

Had bbl on July 21 2015 when should I get my stiches removed and when to stop wearing the triangle on my lower back from a bbl? READ MORE

Uneven lower back after liposuction. Will these lumps go away? (Photo)

I had a bbl two weks ago most of my swelling on butt has gone down and it looks almost the same as before..I have a hard lump by my belly button and... READ MORE

I had BBL 1 month ago with abdomen & lower back Liposuction done. I'm still extremely stiff & bumpy, can anything help?

I had BBL done exactly 1 month back. I had lipo done on abdomen, waist, lower back and upper back. My waist and lower back are still extremely stiff... READ MORE

I Had/have Scoliosis. Rods Were Inserted when I Was 14., Im Now 33. I Want to Have Liposuction W Fat Grafting to my Buttucks?

Can lower back lipo be done without coming into contact w the rods? I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 14, had surgery right away and had... READ MORE

I had bbl & all fat transferred is located in 1 area on my lower back. I haven't seen anything similar. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

I had bbl done 5/14.. I know it's still very new for me to start freaking out but every photo I see after bbl, u already see a difference. Mine is... READ MORE

Is it normal to have swelling in lower back after BBL six weeks post ?

I got a BBL procedure March 2nd 2015 , I'm still experiencing pain in the lower back region where light but was performed it's extremely swollen still... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift. Can I Keep the Fat On My Lower Back?

This may sound odd lol but i will be getting a brazilian butt lift in the near future and i am seeking more volume i have a wide behind that appears... READ MORE

Where exactly the foam triangle goes on lower back? after BBL

After BBL you get a triangle and they place it on lower back, but Im not sure where it goes between the butt cheeks or above , or where the crack starts READ MORE

I had bbl with lipo of abdomen flanks & lower back 9 days ago. Should I be worried as it looks very flat & square? (Photo)

I had bbl and lipo from abdomen flanks & lower back 9 days ago . my bottom was very flat put in 700cc but it still looks very flat & square worried it... READ MORE

Why is my butt square and lumpy after BBL? (Photo)

Bbl done 6 days ago with unwanted results. Square lumpy and looks like fat was grafted on top of lower back . I don't have roundness I was promised READ MORE

How to Raise Hemoglobin Levels Fast ?

My hemoglobin is at 10.4 needs to be at 12.5 for surgery? Is it possible to raise my anemia in a month? I am having a extended tummy tuck with muscle... READ MORE

I mildly worked out at 2.5 weeks BBL post op. Will this affect my results?

I went walking with a friend yesterday and we did a little power walking/ light jogging. Nothing to strenuous. But when I came home, my lipo areas... READ MORE

What is a fat necrosis lump?

I had liposuction and fat transfer to my butt 2 years ago. I have 3 very painful and hard lumps on my lower back. I went to my pcp and had ultrasound,... READ MORE

Low hemoglobin (11.3) I have a scheduled surgery in a week for Brazilian Butt Lift. Is this safe?

I'm getting aggressive lipo to the flanks, lower and upper back and stomach for a BBL and I was told I have a low hemoglobin level of 11.3. I'm 5'3... READ MORE

Please can one of you Doctors help me? I got a BBL in March by DR . Hasan

When I got my BBL I bruised bad which was expected but I also got 3 areas where I had something that look like bruises under the skin. About a week... READ MORE

Is this a botched lipo job? (Photo)

Even though i am only 2 1/2weeks, i know u are gonna say its too early.but i know my body.seems like after this bbl my body is worse off than before... READ MORE

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