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I Want Bbl W-fat Grafting- Vertical Fat Above and Below Belly Not to Hips. Mini-tt or Lipo? Also Previous Pilonidal Cyst Removed

5'1 145. 34DDD 38-28-39 Hips no volume on sides or in back. incision in pubic area from Myomectomy. 1. I have belly fat that is in the center,that... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift S/P Pilonidal Cyst?

I had a pilonidal cyst removed surgically, about 8 years ago and I am interested in getting a brazilian butt lift to round out my butt as well as fill... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck or Lipo for BBL?

5'1 145 40-30-40 Pilonidal Cyst (previously removed) READ MORE

Are There Doctors, Any Lady Doctors with Experience with Pilonidal Cysts? Please Help!

I have a history of pilonidal cysts(2).never got it surgically removed due to the fact that it can still reaccrue again so i got it lanced drained... READ MORE

Can You Get a Brazilian Butt Lift with a History of Pionadal Cysts?

Im wanting to.get a brazalian butt lift however I have a history of pionadal cysts in the past I was wondering if u are still able to get the... READ MORE

How long is the risk of "oil cysts" after BBL?

I am 10 days post op and had a cyst filled with oil aspirated by my PS. When am I no longer at risk to develop another oil cyst? Can these cause... READ MORE

Cyst on lower back and Brazilian Butt Lift.

I have a cyst on my lower back top part of my butt it's about pea size I went to the skin dr to get it looked at bc I wasn't quiet sure wat it was bc... READ MORE

How long after open surgery to remove fibroids and ovarian cysts can I have Lipo and BBL?

I am scheduled to have BBL on 11/24/16. This week, I learned I have 3 fibroids (one massive at 12cm) and 6cm cysts on each ovary. Fibroid is so big... READ MORE

Non active pilondial cyst with Bbl? (photos)

I have a History of Pilondial cysts but it havent gotten it again in over theres years. it is a very small pimple on the crack of my butt and i really... READ MORE

I had a cyst on one of my ovaries about 3-4 years ago. Can this stop me from having a BBL (because of the lipo)?

They went in through my belly button and the incision was very small but I am kinda worried :/ READ MORE

Can I have a BBL with a fatty cyst on my flank?

I'm scheduled for a BBL on March and I have a benign fatty cyst the size of a small pea on my right flank is this dangerous?????? READ MORE

Cyst on butt. Can I still have a BBL?

I have a cyst on my butt near the anus that hasn't gone away, I've had 2 cultures where nothing came up abnormal. I'm supposed to have a bbl in May,... READ MORE

What is the difference between a Brazilian Butt lift and a butt augmentation?

I had a pilonidal cyst and it was severe i had to be put to sleep for the surgery which normally dose not happen .and not i still have pain even... READ MORE

Should I go to a general practitioner or a gynecologist before arranging liposuction/butt lift?

I am 34, 5'6", and a bit less than 130 lbs. I have fat in my lower abdomen and I would like it removed and transferred to my stomach. But I have heard... READ MORE

Can I get BBL and lipo with fat necrosis with a cyst?

I had a tummy tuck a year and 4 months ago. And just had an ultrasound that says I have a fat necrosis and a small cyst at level low pelvic area. I am... READ MORE

Ps drained fat cyst from butt after BBL will this effect my results or make one cheek smaller? is this a seroma? (photo)

He basically said sometime the body rejects some fat and it just happens there was nothing him or I could've done to prevent this. Also I'm 2 weeks... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift, fleur de lis tummy tuck and a inner thigh lift at the same time. All is ok except butt lift pain.

I've had surgery on monday, and today is 4 days postop. I cant manage to sit down 4 more than half hour at a time from the severe pain of my butt,even... READ MORE

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