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Very Narrow Hips, Small Bone Structure in Butt - Can I Still Have a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I really have a bad proportion body, my fat tend to deposit in my upper lower back, flanks, a lot around abdominal but I have the smallest flattest... READ MORE

What is the Downtime for Fat Transfer in Buttocks?

I am a 30 year old Asian, 5'4, 121 lbs. I have always had about two inches of belly fat and 2 inches of love-handles. I would like the fat transferred... READ MORE

Can BBL Help Ease the Pain of Me Sitting on my Boney Butt and is There a Higher Possibility of Fat Absorption in Asians?

I'm 5'2 I weight 130 but I look really fat on top especially my mid section, and back, I have been contemplating on a BBL because I have no... READ MORE

Can 16 year old get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hello i'm 15 years old and asian girl and my body stopped growing since 13 which is 8th grade i was the one who had big breasts compared to my teens... READ MORE

Is Brazilian Butt lift possible for petite Asian woman?

I have read over and over that smaller petite girls may be encouraged to gain an adequate amount of fat in order to be harvested for a BBL FT.... READ MORE

I'm 5'4, 119lbs, petite Asian. Am I a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

Iv been reading a lot online saying that candidates had to put on weight if there is not sufficient fat.... I work out quite regularly to build size... READ MORE

What to do with dissolvable stitches (BBL and lipo)? (Photo)

Lipo tummy&thighs for bbl 27th Jan. Dr (abroad) said he used dissolvable stitches outside & inside the skin and said I can remove them now if I want.... READ MORE

Is my skin too right for a BBL? (photos)

Can you tell from my pictures if my skin is too tight for a dramatic change in butt volume? I'm 19 and haven't had any surgery on my body done before.... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift ? (photos)

I am asian 110lb and between 5"3/5 height. I have an active life style. I exercise often about 4-5 times a week. I eat healthy 70% of the time. READ MORE

Do i need to gain weight and have more fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I'm currently 5'4 , 118 pounds. Asian and looking to gain a bigger butt. I am very active and lift weights, and have been trying squats to get a... READ MORE

29 year old married mom of two...ready for a new bod and BOOTY! (Photo)

Hi everyone! I'm in my early stages of research of a BBL and I was wondering if I'd be a good candidate for a BBL. I'm 5' tall, 145 lbs and im so... READ MORE

Keen on getting Brazilian Butt Lift: Asian, 5'9", 120 lbs, 32 C - 26 - 34.

2 yrs ago I did breast augmentation with silicone and fat graft from my "love handles". I do not want to have big butt, just enough to even out my... READ MORE

What is considered good skin tone for Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I'm of Asian ethnicity, 5'1 110pounds. my skin is really dry most of the time, if I get a bbl would that make my skin worst somehow ? Also, will I get... READ MORE

33 yrs old, Asian. 5'2" 117 lbs, 5 months after giving birth. Am I a possible candidate for BBL? (Photo0

I have just given birth 5 months ago. My weight for the past few weeks has been pretty steady around 116-118 lbs. I have a little butt but I wish to... READ MORE

Very nervous - 6 days away surgery BBL - comfort me please (Photo)

I am just very nervous because I'm Petite Asian 4'11 at 105 lbs. I'm scared because I don't know If I have enough Fat or the fat will survive. I'm... READ MORE

Would getting a BBL with lipo give me the results I'm looking for? (Photo)

I'm 27 years old. 5'1, asian weighing 110 right now. I would like a BBL with lipo to contour my body. Want: small waist, wider hips and bigger behind.... READ MORE

Is 700cc on each side enough for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I am in Asia, I have seen a few doctors. One doctor said i only could get 200 on each side, another said he can do 700cc. Will 700 cc be enough? READ MORE

Petite Asian 5'2", 108 lbs wanting to have curves and Brazilian Butt Lift. (Photos)

I am a petite asian (5'2", 108lbs) who got a square or straight athletic figure.When i got pregnant I weighed 170 lbs. Due to diet, exercise and... READ MORE

5'7 Asian at 120-125 lbs: Am I a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm a relatively thin, healthy, mid-20s Asian. I don't take any medication and exercise moderately. (About 30 mins to 1 hour run, twice a week.) Based... READ MORE

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