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Is it safe to take Xanax for anxiety 2 days prior to surgery?

I have a 6-hour plane ride from California to Miami. I have anxiety attacks, especially on airplanes so I want to take a xanax. I want to take the... READ MORE

Torn Between Getting This Done or Not?

I have wanted to do a BBL for years. I have researched it and now at 40 I want it. I suffer from anxiety already but researching and reading that... READ MORE

Scared of dying. It's holding me back from Brazilian Butt Lift. Any suggestions?

I'm 22 (female) and I'm all around healthy. Just think I may have PCOS and insulin resistant. I'm 5'7 149 pounds... my body fat is low, but I'm... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know How Much is It for a Mommy Makeover I Was Quoted 23000 in Vegas and Me? (photo)

I am 33 I have high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, I am also anemic... I do take medication and I have lost about 50lbs ...I would love to have... READ MORE

I'm curious to know if my butt will go through a period where it drops after BBL?

I just got a BBL on Friday November 4th. Seems like a lot of the fat is at the top half of my butt and not so much at the bottom. Help someone I'm... READ MORE

4th day post op Brazilian butt lift, I'm sweating profusely. Is this normal?

Omg. I'm so sorry to text u this late. But I'm sweating profusely and I feel like my buttox is gonna explode. Is it anxiety attack ? ?? I can't sleep!??? READ MORE

Is being restless and anxious normal? I am PO 5 days and I feel like I'm going crazy. I can't sit or sleep compelling on my butt

Due to the brazilian butt lift. My breasts are hard from BA and face and lips are swollen due to fat injections, so I can't really go anywhere in this... READ MORE

I recently had a BBl done and I'm not satisfied with the size.

How can i tone my buttocks back down is there a way? I had my Bbl done 1 week ago and im pretty miserable with the whole recovery and just knowing it... READ MORE

Made the appointment for surgery for the Brazilian Butt Lift and feeling heavy anxiety. Is it normal to feel like this?

Finally made the official appointment for the Butt lift procedure... I will be traveling by plane to California with someone.... I am 154 pounds 5'6..... READ MORE

Accupuncture before and after surgery?

I know a lot of doctors don't believe in treatment that the pharmaceutical companies don't support. "Due to lack of scientific evidence (because these... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for BBL if I'm on medication for depression and anxiety?

I had a consultation earlier last year and was cleared, but I lost my job and and had to put the surgery on hold. At the time I wasn't on depression... READ MORE

Anyone have pictures of BBL/Lipo with similar pre-op body? I want to get a realistic idea of what to expect post op (Photo)

I am 5'4 weigh, 180 pounds, and am scheduled for BBL/lipo on 04/03/17. I am so anxious to see what similar body types look like post-op. Anyone please... READ MORE

Can you take a Xanax 48 hours before BBL and Full Body Lipo?

I'll be flying out of state to have my surgery, however, I'm terrified of flying so I would elect to take a Xanax to calm me. Is this okay or will it... READ MORE

I would like to obtain a surgeon that does the Brazilian butt lift that participates in CosmetAssure. Any suggestion?

I want to have a brazilain butt lift, but I have anxiety about complications that may arise and the costs associated with the complications. I would... READ MORE

Can I still take Adderall XR and Prozac if I am going to get BA and BBL?

I have ADHD and take Adderall XR once a day, I also take Prozac once a day for anxiety. Is it necessary to stop taking the medication before getting a... READ MORE

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