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How Can I Raise my Hemoglobin Levels for SX?

I am scheduled for my SX on 4/30 thats 8 months away. I am getting a BBL and Breast Lift . I am anemic. What are some ways I can raise my hemoglobin... READ MORE

My bbl surgery is in 2 weeks but my hemoglobin level is 10.7. Will I have to postpone my surgery??

My surgery is less then 2 weeks away. I went to my pcp and did blood work and it came back that I am anemic with a hemoglobin level of 10.7. He... READ MORE

Iron-deficiency anemia, Taking Iron pills & Blood builders at same time. Or should I just take one over the other?

Is it safe to take iron pills and blood builder pills at the same time on a daily basis.I am asking because I have Iron-deficiency anemia and in the... READ MORE

How Many B12 Vitamins, Folic Acid Pills and Iron Pills Daily 4 Months Prior to a BBL if I'm Anemic?

My hemoglobin is at 3 and its supposed to be at 12 for my BBL. I recently got iron pills called Euro-Fer (in the photo) and I also heard taking B12... READ MORE

Can a person with Anemia have Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift with a Hemoglobin unable to go higher that 10.4?

I'm due for a bbl in less than a week but my hemoglobin wouldn't go above 10.4. I have had a tummy tuck with little lipo, 2 years prior and had no prior. READ MORE

Headache after BBL, is that normal?

I am 8 days post op and the last 3-4 days I have been experience headaches, specially in the morning when I wake up, sometimes goes away after I eat... READ MORE

What can I do to get my hemoglobin levels up for a bbl? I'm anemic

What are some of the things that a person with anemia need to do in order to get their hemoglobin levels up in order to get a bbl? Usually how long... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know How Much is It for a Mommy Makeover I Was Quoted 23000 in Vegas and Me? (photo)

I am 33 I have high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, I am also anemic... I do take medication and I have lost about 50lbs ...I would love to have... READ MORE

What can I do to boost my iron levels before my surgery in January?

I am currently anemic and I need to get my iron up as quickly as possible looking to do sx no later than janu READ MORE

Is it possible to get a BBL if I'm 120 lbs 5'3 and anemic?

Is it possible to get a bbl at my weight this is the heaviest ice been in my life. I'm anemic but healthy otherwise. READ MORE

Surgery in Dominican Republic but I have a few questions about what I should get.... (Photo)

I'm 5'9, 27 years old, 167lbs. I am looking to get a BBL, lipo and Breast lift in D.R. I have a concern that if I get a BL, the cup size will diminish... READ MORE

When will my headache, slight fever, and fast heartbeat go back to normal?

I got Lipo360 and a bbl. I went to the ER on the 2nd night and was told my hemoglobin was at 7 . Now, I have anemia & feel with a headache all the... READ MORE

How much daily iron should I consume prior to BBL?

I'm anemic and started 65mg of iron and I am taking it with food that has vitamin C in it for absorption. I heard that 325mg was recomeded. Is that... READ MORE

BBL and anemic patients. Is there a way I can prepare for this ahead of my surgery?

In March of this year I learned that I was anemic. My HGB was 8. I was given iron pills to take 325mg 3x a day. In addition, I eat leafy veggies and... READ MORE

How fast can I bring up my hemoglobin after Iron IV infusion?

Okay well. I had to postpone my surgery date. I am having a Fat Transfer/BBL. I am anemic. For surgery, my hemoglobin must be at an 11.7. As of... READ MORE

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