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How Can I Raise my Hemoglobin Levels for SX?

I am scheduled for my SX on 4/30 thats 8 months away. I am getting a BBL and Breast Lift . I am anemic. What are some ways I can raise my hemoglobin... READ MORE

My bbl surgery is in 2 weeks but my hemoglobin level is 10.7. Will I have to postpone my surgery??

My surgery is less then 2 weeks away. I went to my pcp and did blood work and it came back that I am anemic with a hemoglobin level of 10.7. He... READ MORE

Iron-deficiency anemia, Taking Iron pills & Blood builders at same time. Or should I just take one over the other?

Is it safe to take iron pills and blood builder pills at the same time on a daily basis.I am asking because I have Iron-deficiency anemia and in the... READ MORE

How Many B12 Vitamins, Folic Acid Pills and Iron Pills Daily 4 Months Prior to a BBL if I'm Anemic?

My hemoglobin is at 3 and its supposed to be at 12 for my BBL. I recently got iron pills called Euro-Fer (in the photo) and I also heard taking B12... READ MORE

Can a person with Anemia have Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift with a Hemoglobin unable to go higher that 10.4?

I'm due for a bbl in less than a week but my hemoglobin wouldn't go above 10.4. I have had a tummy tuck with little lipo, 2 years prior and had no prior. READ MORE

Headache after BBL, is that normal?

I am 8 days post op and the last 3-4 days I have been experience headaches, specially in the morning when I wake up, sometimes goes away after I eat... READ MORE

What can I do to get my hemoglobin levels up for a bbl? I'm anemic

What are some of the things that a person with anemia need to do in order to get their hemoglobin levels up in order to get a bbl? Usually how long... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know How Much is It for a Mommy Makeover I Was Quoted 23000 in Vegas and Me? (photo)

I am 33 I have high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, I am also anemic... I do take medication and I have lost about 50lbs ...I would love to have... READ MORE

What can I do to boost my iron levels before my surgery in January?

I am currently anemic and I need to get my iron up as quickly as possible looking to do sx no later than janu READ MORE

When will my headache, slight fever, and fast heartbeat go back to normal?

I got Lipo360 and a bbl. I went to the ER on the 2nd night and was told my hemoglobin was at 7 . Now, I have anemia & feel with a headache all the... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a BBL if I'm 120 lbs 5'3 and anemic?

Is it possible to get a bbl at my weight this is the heaviest ice been in my life. I'm anemic but healthy otherwise. READ MORE

Surgery in Dominican Republic but I have a few questions about what I should get.... (Photo)

I'm 5'9, 27 years old, 167lbs. I am looking to get a BBL, lipo and Breast lift in D.R. I have a concern that if I get a BL, the cup size will diminish... READ MORE

How much daily iron should I consume prior to BBL?

I'm anemic and started 65mg of iron and I am taking it with food that has vitamin C in it for absorption. I heard that 325mg was recomeded. Is that... READ MORE

BBL and anemic patients. Is there a way I can prepare for this ahead of my surgery?

In March of this year I learned that I was anemic. My HGB was 8. I was given iron pills to take 325mg 3x a day. In addition, I eat leafy veggies and... READ MORE

How fast can I bring up my hemoglobin after Iron IV infusion?

Okay well. I had to postpone my surgery date. I am having a Fat Transfer/BBL. I am anemic. For surgery, my hemoglobin must be at an 11.7. As of... READ MORE

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