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Is Travel OK After Brazilian Butt Lift

II'm having the Brazilian Butt Lift in a few days and have to travel afterwards by plane for a couple of hours.  Can more than 600cc of fat... READ MORE

How Many Cc's for a BBL on a Small Framed Woman?

I'm interested in a BBL. My PS has suggested 600cc per cheek. I'm 5'2 and currently weighing 107lbs. Is that too many cc's for such a... READ MORE

Can I Achieve a Dramatic Projection with 600cc?? (photo)

I want a big butt. I just dont understand why they can give me a really big butt if i have enough fat. My Dr. Told me that he just put 600cc to... READ MORE

Is 600 cc's for a BBL enough to see results? Because my butt looks exactly the same as if the dr didn't even do the BBL (photos)

I am 4 weeks post op. I received a TT, Lipo, BBL. The dr only 600 cc's and I wanted at least 1,000 cc's. My before and after pics look exactly the... READ MORE

I'm into my 7th week post op lipo/BBL. I look too darn skinny. Where did my butt go? (Photo)

I was told by the doctor that he injected 600cc into each butt cheek. And days after my surgery I was loving the shape and volume its size was perfect... READ MORE

Is 600cc enough for me in each buttock? (photos0

Hi guys is I'm 22 years old 5"7 228lbs. I would like to get a smart lipo in my abdomen waist and my back flanks and fat transfer to my butt. is 600cc... READ MORE

Is 550-600 ccs enough to make a decent difference ? BBL (photos)

So I went for a consultation on Monday and was told by my dr he can get a good 550-600 per cheek . im 5'9 158 pounds . I've had two children and since... READ MORE

Is 600cc enough for each butt cheek ? (photos)

I went for a consultation with a provider and I'm just curious if 600cc in each buttock cheek is enough for me, I want a big butt. I'm also... READ MORE

Almost one week after bbl surgery (photos)

Here are some before and after pictures of my bbl. I was expecting more of a big and round shape. I know that it's too early but I would like other... READ MORE

How much fat is needed for BBL? 600 cc in each cheek for a total of 1200 cc. Is it true 2 to 2.5 liters are needed for good fat?

To have 600 cc's injected in each butock for a total of 1200 cc's how much fat does a Doctor need to liposuction ?? Is it true is about 2 to 2.5... READ MORE

I'm looking into doing a body fat transfer from my stomach to my butt. Is 400 to 600 cc per cheek enough? (Photo)

The surgeon who I was considering to do it for me said they can only transfer 400 to 600 cc per butt cheek. Just seems like a little and I was... READ MORE

Expecting a more round shape. Is it too early for a final result? (Photo)

Thursday i did a BBL I was expecting a more Round shape on the top. But the dr said he couldn't put more than 600 cc I didn't have enough fat. I know... READ MORE

I had BBL today and 600ccs were transferred to my buttocks. I'm worried that it's too much.

I weigh 145lbs and I'm 5' 2". I love the results of the Lipo to my sides and back but I'm worried that my butt might be too big and disproportionate.... READ MORE

6 weeks post BBL, I'm seeing no results, did I get ripped off? (photos)

I'm am 6 weeks out on a bbl. I do not feel my dr put in enough fat or in the right areas. He said he doesn't put any fat on the bottom 2/3rds of the... READ MORE

I want a Brazilian Butt Lift but I am thin. Can I get my desired projection without implants?

I'm 18 years old 5'1 and 110 pounds. I'm pretty thin and have a pretty nice backside but I am looking for that wow factor. I heard implants can feel... READ MORE

2 weeks post BBL, will my butt shrink still?

I'm happy with the size it is now i'm scared it'll shrink more and i don't want it to. will it continue to shrink a lot? i had 600 cc transfer to each... READ MORE

I have developed really bad stretch marks after my Brazilian Butt Lift. Any suggestions?

I have developed really bad stretch marks after my BBL on the top on my bottom. I'm not prone to stretch marks and had about 600 cc injected. I have... READ MORE

Can I get a BBL or buttock Implants after having 600ccs (each cheek) of Hydrogel injected Intramuscular 4 yrs ago? (Photo)

4yrs ago I had 600ccs of hydrogel injected in each cheek intramuscular. You actually can't tell by looking at my photos unless I mention it. I am now... READ MORE

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