How Many Cc's for a BBL on a Small Framed Woman?

I'm interested in a BBL. My PS has suggested 600cc per cheek. I'm 5'2 and currently weighing 107lbs. Is that too many cc's for such a small framed person like me? He said reason for that is because 30-45% of the fat dies and to truly see result he will need to put that amount. He adviced that at first it will be very big for the first few weeks till the fat settles in and swelling goes down. Please advice and thanks in advance.

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Volume for BBL

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Factors that determine the amount of fat to be transferred for a BBL procedure:

  • amount of available fat for harvest
  • overall body / buttock shape / anatomy
  • tissue / skin quality of the buttocks
  • desired result

at 5'2" and 107lbs, I seriously doubt you have enough fat currently to allow for this relatively high volume transfer, the amount of fat to be transferred is based on the above factors, some patients need to gain weight for the procedure if there is insufficient fat available to allow for larger harvest.  There will be a loss of some of the fat transferred, but there is certainly an art to this procedure and there are no specific guidelines /numbers that will work for everyone.  This procedure definitely needs to be tailored to each individual.  You can definitely transfer 'too much' fat which can have one of two undesirable effects:

  1. the resulting buttocks is larger than desired
  2. there is too much pressure in the buttocks tissues and a large percentage of the fat does not survive

Of course, you need to find a plastic surgeon you are comfortable with and should discuss theses concerns so that you will undergo a procedure that will give you the maximal chance of a successful outcome.

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