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Is 435cc of Fat to Each Butt Cheek Enough to See a Difference?

I am 29 yrs. old, I stand 5'3, and i weigh 135lbs. I had a bbl 4 days ago. I was told by my doctor that I could take a shower, and that is when I... READ MORE

Is it ok to lay like this propped up? (photo)

Hello Drs, I had bbl sx on Wed, July 30. Is it ok to lay like this without jeapordizing the fats survival? If I can, I would like to sleep half the... READ MORE

It it abnormal to have a itchy butt four days after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

It it abnormal to have a itchy butt four days after a bbl and a burning sensation in your booty. I also have numbness in my left pi k since the... READ MORE

I'm really disappointed with my BBL results. What are my options?

Hello I just got a BBL done it's 4 days old I'm Soooo unhappy my butt is still boxed not round!!!! What happens to the fat that was put in my bottom.... READ MORE

Major thigh swelling after BBL on 11/25. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I am 4 days post op from a BBL. I have major swelling to both my thighs although I did not have liposuction done in that area. I haven't been able to... READ MORE

Have I damaged my rear sitting/laying on my butt 4 days post BBL?

My surgeons assistant said it was okay and that no damage should be done. However, I am worried after reading it is not safe...I got 900cc on each... READ MORE

Pooping after surgery (BBL)

Sorry for the quite nasty topic. I've had surgery on the 6th here in Miami (4 days ago) and I still haven't done number 2. I've tried several of times... READ MORE

Is getting a fever normal after BBL? I'm 4 days post-op. My temperature has been as high as 101.8.

I had my BBL on 8/4/14 it is now 8/8/14 I got a fever I've been taking my temperature ever hour the highest it's been is 101.8 Now, my surgeon in a... READ MORE

4 Days Bbl Post Op and Freaking Out- Top of Butt is Huge! Will It Go Away?

I know it is early, but I am freaking out. I had bbl done 4 days ago and it looks like I have a huge shelf and it does NOT look normal. Everyone else... READ MORE

I'm 4 days post op bbl, I was told not to smoke for at least 2 weeks but try for at least a month. Would 1 a day put me at risk?

I was told that if the cravng or withdrws were too much gt a low dose e cig and I wld be fine. my prob is when I went to the phrmcy to buy 1 & check... READ MORE

4 days post op Brazilian Butt Lift, I noticed blood while peeing. Is this normal?

I had a Brazilian butt lift which involved tumescent lipo areas just four days ago. I notice yesterday that my pee had a little red in it . Today, I... READ MORE

Can my Fat Transfer be ruined in 10 minutes during lymphatic massage?

I had a bbl done on Thurs afternoon with fat transferred to my hip. On Monday afternoon, I received my 3rd massage at the recovery home to help with... READ MORE

I cut a bigger hole in my compression garment but now the hole is too big?

I'm day four post op and had to have a bowel movement. I don't feel comfortable taking off the garment until I have my drain taken out so I panicked... READ MORE

4 days BBL post op, my 5 y/o punched my butt

4 days out of my bbl sx and my playful 5 y/o punched me very hard in my butt and ran off, will that kill any cells? Also, I've been on my knees... READ MORE

Air travel post lipo and bbl?

I Just had a bbl and lipo 4 days ago.440ccs/cheek. Question is I'm traveling to Asia in 4 weeks. What is the best way to keep swelling to a minimum... READ MORE

4 days post from BBL and constipated. Is this normal?

I'm 4 days post and I couldn't take the pressure of being constipated. I used stool softeners and drank half of magnesium citrate but still nothing.... READ MORE

bbl post-op 4 days, dr did liposuction and placed fat in my butt and my face - I am too swollen can I sleep sideways? (photos)

My doctor is a double american board certified doctor with 27 years of experince i checked his reviews . My tummy looked indented like a crimpled... READ MORE

Why does one of my incision look like this? Is this normal? (photos)

I had a liposculpture with fat transfer to the buttocks and I'm concern of one of my incisions on the back. 4days post-op. Is this normal? READ MORE

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