Air travel post lipo and bbl?

I Just had a bbl and lipo 4 days ago.440ccs/cheek. Question is I'm traveling to Asia in 4 weeks. What is the best way to keep swelling to a minimum while traveling on the pane. I usually swell on air flights. I will be almost 5 weeks post by then. Thanks!

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Recommend frequent walking on flight to prevent swelling

If you are traveling around 5 weeks after your procedure, it should be safe to do so. I'd recommend that you get up frequently out of your seat when you're able, and walk to help circulate the fluid in your legs. Compression hose may be helpful, and avoid high sodium foods and drinks. Good luck!

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Travel and bbl

Unfortunately you can not do much about swelling on the plane. I tell patients to stay well hydrated and move around a lot on the plane.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Air travel post lipo and bbl?

Thank you for your question, When Traveling after the Brazilian Butt Lift its important to always wear your compression garment, this is going to keep the swelling under control, at 5 weeks postop its good for you to walk but you do need to pace yourself, pushing your body beyond its limits at this time will increase swelling and body soreness. Al tough you can sit by week 5 take your donut pillow with you on the plane, for you to be more comfortable and avoid mild pain.

Salvador Pantoja, MD
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BBL and travel

Make sure you wear your compression garment and get up during the travel as much as possible. Motrin for a few days will also help with the swelling.

N. Bill Aydin, MD
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Air travel post lipo and bbl?

Long flights could cause lower extremity swelling . Exercising your feet and standing up for a little walk in the plane every 2 hours should help .

By 5 weeks pot surgery you shouldn't have more than your regular swelling issues.

Best wishes

Katherine Feliz Camilo, MD
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