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How Many Ccs Do You Think I Might Need? (photo)

Hi I am 5'5 and weight 170 lbs, My butt is saggy and square, I just waant to get an approximate estimate of how many ccs I would need to get a big... READ MORE

Is 500cc's on Each Cheek Enough for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

Ok so im 29years old height is 5'7 & 184lbs and am a mother of 3 with 2 previous C-sections. I have always been ashamed of my figure I have what... READ MORE

Who is the Most Experienced Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon in the Chicago Area?

Im looking to undergo this procedure in late june. I want as dramatic a transformation as I can get. I'm 25 y/o, 5'5", 157 lbs. Along... READ MORE

BBL vs. Implants - Will a Brazilian Butt Lift REALLY Give Me Big Results?

I am 5'3" 175 lbs. and plan to lose about thirty-forty pounds before surgery. I want to make sure I will get dramatic enough results I want... READ MORE

5'9 Around 180 Lbs Should I Try to Lose Weight for a Bbl and Tt? (photo)

I'm 23 yrs old. I am 5'9& I'm looking foward to getting a TT & BBL in Dec. I would like a small waist and a big bottom (I am completely flat... READ MORE

BBL 2 Weeks Ago, Now Butt Looks Same Size Before the Procedure? (photo)

I am 5',6" 173 lbs had a bbl done 2 weeks with 400cc of fat injected into each butt cheek, now my butt looks the same size b4 my procedure, my dr told... READ MORE

How Much Weight Would I Lose After the Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am 5'2 and 183lbs and 19 years old,...how much weight would i loose after the brazilian butt lift? i would also like to know how much fat would... READ MORE

Possible to Get Dramatic Results w/ Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm 5'9 and 182 pounds with a figure that resembles a cardboard box. I hope that a brazilian butt lift can give me the hourglass shape I... READ MORE

How much will it cost me to have a BBL,TT and Lipo? Can I use the fat from lipo for bbl?

How much will it cost to have lipo,bbl,TT? I am currantly 29 pounds overweight for height and age Im 185pounds,5"7, 29 yrs old will i have to lose... READ MORE

BBL 2nd Opinion: Hip Injections W/ Inner Thigh Lipo? (photo)

I am excited about my upcoming BBL and would like a second opinion on additional services I am considering to have performed, such inner thigh lipo... READ MORE

My Buttock is Made Up of Mostly Muscle. I Want a Big Ghetto Booty. Is Fat Trasnfer Rite for Me? (photo)

I weight at 186 pounds and im 5'3. i really want my body to be more of a hourglass shape with a hint of ghetto booty. my buttocks is very firm, made... READ MORE

How Much Would My Fat Transfer From Tummy To My Butt Cost? (photo)

I am a 33 years old mother of 4. and i want my body back but with a bigger butt and a flat tummy! i m 5'4 175pds top 44,38 and hip& butt is 43. i... READ MORE

Is Losing Weight for a BBL Ideal? (photo)

I weigh 180 pounds and 5"6 in height, My fat is mostly stored in my lower and upper back, partially in my stomach. But I've noticed that the women who... READ MORE

Post Op 10 Days and Swelling Has Gone Down Alot and Butt is Softening Pretty Quickly is This Normal?

5`7 185 lbs.. Had bbl done 10 days ago and my swelling has went down a lot and my butt is very soft on one side and getting softer on the other is... READ MORE

I Am Looking for Major Volume and Inches Added - Am I a Candidate?

From the pic I added does it look like I could benefit majorly from the procedure? I am 5’7 180 I have tons of fat to spare. I want at least 3-4... READ MORE

Is 500cc enough for my Brazilian Butt lift? (photos)

Hello I am 23 years old 5'1 and 175-180 I live in Florida and I always had this deformed butt and I was wondering if it can be fixed I do NOT have the... READ MORE

Should I get BBL done with general anesthesia or local? (Photo)

I do not have a lot of fat and thus wondering if local will suffice. 2 Doctors I am interested in & have also checked their pix. 1 of the 2 docs costs... READ MORE

Is 300 cc's enough for brazilian butt lift?? (photo)

I had a consultaltion with a dr I am considering for a brazilian butt lift for $4500. He said he would take 2500 to 3000 CCs out of stomach, back and... READ MORE

I Wanted to Know if Any Doctor Has Performed a Brazil Butt Lift on a V-shapped Buttock? (photo)

I have always wanted to change the way my I really want to get a BBL but I am so nervous about how the result would look like. Atleast to give me an... READ MORE

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