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Fat Necrosis and Fibrosis After Buttock Augmentation? (photo)

I under went BBL a year ago (June 2011) and I have two areas of hardness and a lump on my right cheek. Initally after the surgery I was informed that... READ MORE

What Does the Body Look Like One Year After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

There are lots of photos showing immediate results after a Brazilian butt lift, but are there any pictures or descriptions of available of clients... READ MORE

Is It Dangerous if the Fat Necrosis on Butt is Not Removed After Several Years?

It s been a year now that I had fat transfered to my butt and It seems like I have fat necrosis (the fat inside is very hard).A doctor tried to break... READ MORE

Can the Fat Necrosis (THE HARD LUMPS) on Butt Be Aspirated by Liposuction?

Can the injected fat ( big and hard as a kyst ) to buttocks be aspirated so as not to make scars and make the butt even more horrible. I do not want... READ MORE

How Much Can I Expect My Butt to Shrink 1 Year After BBL?

I had buttock augmentation in Beverly Hills, in Jan 2012. I am happy with my results, but I am worried if I might lose my butt. Usually, how much do... READ MORE

Is It True That After a Yr the BBL Results Start to Fade?

Is It True That After a Yr the BBL Results Start to Fade? READ MORE

Do I need a revision after my BBL? I'm 14 months post op (Photo)

Would I benefit from a round 2 BBL? I see imperfections from the first BBL. I had it done February 2013. See pictures attached. READ MORE

Infection of Fat Injected to Buttocks- Can I Aspirate Without Surgery?

I did a lipoaspiration and had that fat injected to buttocks a year ago; unfortunately the fat is hard and I always feel fire burning inside that... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse a year old BBL? I also have a hard fat mass on my right cheek, what are my options? (Photo)

I got a BBL done a little over a year ago and I'm thinking it was the worst decision of my life. I have developed a hard mass on my right cheek and... READ MORE

Fat Necrosis After Brazilian Butt Lift 1 Year Ago?

After a year i still have hard parts that feel like a rock, i massaged them and they don't get any better, is there something surgery or laser or... READ MORE

Is Getting a Touch Up Done on a BBL After 12 Months Safe? Will Results Be More Prominent?

I am wanting to get a touch up done on my bbl that i had 9 months ago. Ill be going in for the touch up at 12 months. Im wondering if by doing a touch... READ MORE

Buttock reduction, after Brazillian Butt Lift. (photo)

I had a Brazillian Butt Lift over a year ago, and think it is too big, it looks like a shelf, which I did not want. Do you suggest liposuction as... READ MORE

Is reshaping possible after a bbl? (Photo)

Got a bbl done almost 1 year ago but seems there is to much fat at the bottom middle n doesn't look to good in jeans or a thong READ MORE

Can you get cupping cellulite treatment done pre or post BBL?

I just had my bbl one year anniversary. There are some weird dents on the bottom of my butt cheek & kind of makes it square looking. Is it ok to use... READ MORE

I am 5"3" weighing 158lbs. Do I have enough fat after Liposuction for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I had Bbl done a year ago and considering another BBL. I am 5"3" weighing 158lbs. I had a consultation with a PS and he said what I think is fat on my... READ MORE

Is it normal to still be sore 1 year after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Its been a litter over a year since ive under had a bbl from time to time my butt is sore is this normal after a year? I also feel little knots in... READ MORE

I had a bbl about a year ago. My top stomach is very heavy. What do I need to do to get rid of it, lipo or a tummy tuck? (photo)

I had a bbl about a year ago my now my top stomach is very heavy.. Right below where my bra goes I have looks like fat and I have never had this... READ MORE

Is it normal for my butt to be sore a year after a Brazilian butt lift?

I had a brazilian butt lift, I have not had any problems with it. But lately the top of my butt has been sore. It hurts to sit for long periods. I am... READ MORE

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