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Bbl and have to poop, what do I do?

Sorry not to be nasty but I had a bbl on nov 8 and today is 9 and I have to poop so bad it's right there I'm in so much pain and dizzy I'm not ready... READ MORE

Can I Sleep on my Back After Bbl and Tummy Tuck?

I just had a tummy tuck and bbl yesturday july 23. Can I sleep on my back. My dr said I cannot sleep on my side but it seems to hurt while laying on... READ MORE

Post Op 24 Hours? (photo)

Hi drs! I'm so sore had sx yesterday bbl 600cc each cheek lipo of flanks abdomen belly. can't get comfy. I have 2 main questions, 1. If it hurts so... READ MORE

Dark Red Blood from Drain Normal?

I am about 12 hours hours out of a bbl and one drain changed from moderate to dark red , is this normal? READ MORE

1 day PO BBL, when I lay on stomach/side my arms the swollen and lose feeling. What is happening?

I got a bbl yesterday morning and whenever I lie on my stomach/ sides my hands and arms get swollen and lose feeling. I did NOT have arm liposuction.... READ MORE

1 day post op BBL, any suggestions? (photos)

Im one day post op and I want to know if I damage my fat transfer my sitting in the wheel chair and car on my way home. Im laying on my stomach from... READ MORE

I just had my bbl almost 24 hours ago. When can I take off and wash my garment?

I'm assuming I need to clean my access sites as well so is it safe to remove to do so? It's full of the bloody fluid. My post op appointment is... READ MORE

Surgery March 31st and bleeding through faja. Any suggestions?

I had surgery today and want to know how to take care of myself with all this blood dripping. Do I wash up? Do I change the padding inside the faja?... READ MORE

I am one day post op on my BBL and my hips look exaggeratedly HUGE, hate it! Any suggestions?

I am one day post op on my bbl and my hips look exaggeratedly huge and so does my butt. This is not what I wanted all. I'm panicking, is this just... READ MORE

I had BBL today and 600ccs were transferred to my buttocks. I'm worried that it's too much.

I weigh 145lbs and I'm 5' 2". I love the results of the Lipo to my sides and back but I'm worried that my butt might be too big and disproportionate.... READ MORE

Am I supposed to lay on my back or stomach after BBL?

I had a Brazillian butt lift yesterday. I'm quite small so fat had to harvested from up to 4 areas of my mid section. The fat was transferred to my... READ MORE

Am I having circulation issues due to my compression garment?

I am one day post-op and my butt feels very cold. I am wondering if I am having circulation issues due to the tight circled of the butt- out faja that... READ MORE

Fat transfer to buttocks results shown after 2 or 3 weeks?

Hi! I've done the fat transfer to buttock surgery yesterday! However I stole didn't see any change regarding my buttock. My dr told me that I will see... READ MORE

Will my butt go back to normal?

I had a Brazilian but lift performed yesterday. But because I also had a great augmentation i have been sitting and sleeping directly on my but. Now... READ MORE

24 hours since BBL/ fat grafting from waist area & transferred to the buttocks. Should I be standing or walking a "certain" way?

Had a Brazilian butt lift--fat was grafted from my abdomen, sides, lower back, love handles. ---I was already up and walking around for a few hours... READ MORE

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