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Prominent Veins After Botox for Crow's Feet

I had Botox for crows feet eight months ago. The Botox effects are gone (and they were not good), but now I have what looks like a varicose vein next... READ MORE

Restylane Injection Hit Blood Vessel in Eye Lid. I Wonder if I Should Look for Another PS?

An experienced PS injected Restylane in my lower lids, and hit a blood vessel. I COMPLETELY understand that this happens to the best of them, but I... READ MORE

Can Botox Make You Sick if It is Injected INTO a Vein Near my Eye?

Can Botox Make You Sick if It is Injected INTO a Vein Near my Eye? READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Bulging Veins and Tight Skin?

I had botox once approximately 3 months ago for the wrinkles when I frown. It is now starting to wear off slightly and I have noticed a prominent vein... READ MORE

I Have a Noticable Vien That Pops out in Between my Eyebrow After Receiving Botox. What Can It Be? Will It Go Away?

I recieved botox about 3 weeks ago and now I notice when I smile are laugh I have a HUGE vein that pops out in between my brow and up my forehead. I... READ MORE

Botox Has Left Me with Veins All over my Face?

Hi, can somebody please help me. I had botox 15 weeks go. I hated the result. It left me with cheek ptosis, sunken in/hollow eyes (which are still... READ MORE

Indentations in forehead after Botox. Could it be a collapsed vein? (Photo)

With in the next week after having Botox indentations and a look of spreading with darker color in spots taking place.I went back to the spa where the... READ MORE

Are there any complications due to Botox being injected into a vein that I should be concerned about?

I had botox for the first time today. The doctor injected a vein in my forehead twice. The vein is currently raised, painful and I have a headache.... READ MORE

Why am I so dizzy 2 weeks after Botox?

Ok I had Botox or an off brand. She hit a vein 1st of all and it hurt like no other (Still does) I sent pictures of bruised area and i could see my... READ MORE

I received Botox one week ago today, the day after receiving my Botox a very blue Y shaped vein appeared! (Photo)

I received Botox one week ago today, the day after receiving my Botox a very blue Y shaped vein appeared from the top of my head down to my eyebrows... READ MORE

When botox is injected, I felt an electrifying rush within my veins from the injection site. Is this normal?

You can feel the liquid travel throughout your veins into your entire body. Is that normal? It's similar to when you run & push yourself above the... READ MORE

Say a 20 Unit shot hits a vein instead of muscle, the lethal dose matters. Carl Lamanna said it 7 Units but Botox says 2,800.

Scott, Alan B. "Botulinum toxin injection of eye muscles to correct strabismus." 1981. "....parenteral lethal dose for a fully grown man was seven... READ MORE

Veins under corners of the eyes- caused by fillers/Botox? What is the best treatment? (photos)

In the past few months, I have had Restylane Silk injected in my year troughs (redone a few times because the doctor thought I could use more each... READ MORE

I had Botox in my forehead a year ago and have a large lump on my forehead. What should I do?

When the procedure was being done the girl told me she has popped a vein but that it would go away in a few weeks. The lump has hardened and is quite... READ MORE

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