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I Seem to Have a Tired Look After Botox

I Seem to Have a Tired Look After Botox READ MORE

Will I go back to normal after Botox causes eye bags and eye discomfort?

Dear doctors, I am 2.5 months post botox around the eyes and I have been suffering from eye bags ever since the botox. The inner corners of my eyes... READ MORE

I received Botox over a week ago and still feeling extremely lethargic and dizzy.

Is extreme tiredness and dizziness side affects of Botox that can go on for an extended period of time? It's been 8 days and I still feel like I can... READ MORE

Botox information. Is it true that it can make you really sick and cause these symptoms ?

Hello, I want to do Botox the lines between the brows (Glabellar lines) . Basically I had Botox 5 months ago in Holland. The result was normal. I'm... READ MORE

First time I have had Botox not pleasent. I had it for neck, eyes, and forehead. Is this normal?

First time i have had botox not pleasent , had it for neck and eyes forehead. Taste in my mouth yuk. Feel bit woozy and tired.Neck still a bit... READ MORE

I Had Botox Before Two Weeks and Know I Feel Tirdness and Fatige in my Face Muscles and Feeling Sleepy and Lazy All the Day?

Aplastic surgon did botux for me before two weeks , and know i feel tirdness and fatige in my face muscles and feeling sleepy and lazy all the day READ MORE

I was looking to improve my imbalanced facial features and 'tired appearance'? (Photos)

Hello everyone. While I have have never been 'pretty', I have been looking to make some improvements, mainly to balance my facial features. I was... READ MORE

Breastfeeding and would like facial fillers/botox, is it safe?

What is the medical opinion on getting botox and/or filler while breastfeeding? Should I wait until no longer bfing? Also, what is the stance on laser... READ MORE

Will massetters be affected when talking so long? My jaw felt tired/fatigued. I don't want them to get big

I had Botox for my massetters and I'm worried if it will be affected. Procedure was done more than a month ago. READ MORE

Is a Botox brow lift able to raise the whole brow?

I CONSTANTLY find myself raising my brows naturally and have done so ever since I was a young teen. I have gotten so used to my appearance with me... READ MORE

I have had headaches and feel tired 9 days after Botox and Restylane. Is this related?

I had a top up of botox 9 days ago and restylene in my cheek and tear trough. It all looks ok and no bruising but I have headaches much of the day... READ MORE

Tired of having a tired forehead. Please let me have advise on relaxing my forehead muscles?

Botox worked for 2 years (with approx. 6 months intervals). Then it stopped working. Over a period of 3 years, I've been to 4 different doctors for... READ MORE

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