I have had headaches and feel tired 9 days after Botox and Restylane. Is this related?

I had a top up of botox 9 days ago and restylene in my cheek and tear trough. It all looks ok and no bruising but I have headaches much of the day since the treatment and my head feels heavy and I feel listless and tired. Is this a reaction to botox or restylene or maybe I've just got a head cold but I have no other symptoms. Thanks

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Botox/Restylane and headaches

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Thank you for your question, it does not appear to that your injections caused the severity of symptoms this far out after your procedure. I would definitely check back with your injecting physician.

Side Effects from Botox

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The side effects you are experiencing are not typical from Botox injections. However, if you are concerned I would definitely consult your treating physician for examination.

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