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Annoying Asymmetrical Face - Hypertropia and Crooked Smile? (photo)

Recently i've become more aware of my upturned left eye & smile. When im tired photos can look like I've had a minor stroke! I'm 33, get botox for... READ MORE

I Had Botox 7 Days Ago and Only Seeing Results on Right Side of my Face I'm So Worried?

I had botox for the second time 7days ago but only seeing results on the right side of my face so when I smile I look totally odd and lopsided.... I'm... READ MORE

Which Muscle is Botox Injected into Correct Slightly Lopsided Smile?

I had a midface procedure that has given me some nerve injury, its been almost 3 weeks, I can smile wide and force movement but if I smile naturally... READ MORE

Botox in my Cheeks and Resulted in Lopsided Smile?

I am originally from the UK but live in the middle east. I have had Botox around my eyes and on my forehead on 3 occasions and have been very happy... READ MORE

How to correct lopsided/hooded eyes? (photos)

I am unsure of exactly what makes my eyes do this, which is why I don't truly know what I need. I've heard simply botox for my hooded lids or an... READ MORE

Follow Up: Added more photos: Why is my face/smile lopsided? Filler/Botox? What can I do? (Photo)

I got filler/voluma a few months ago in my cheeks & around my mouth (by nose, in lower sides of mouth to eve wrinkle in cheek & in cheeks). It was... READ MORE

I have a lopsided mouth after braces - what can be done? (photo)

I am finishing up 1 year of braces to correct a canine that jutted forward. This has changed my jaw and mouth. When my mouth is closed and at rest, my... READ MORE

How to avoid lopsided smile after botox to masseter?

I've gotten botox in my masseter muscles several times; however, 3 times I was left with a smile that was a straight line because the corners of my... READ MORE

Why does Botox and fillers change a person's smile and make it lopsided?

My friend had a lovely smile with a few wrinkles and now she has no wrinkles but her smile is lopsided. She looked better before. She had botox,... READ MORE

I am wondering what is a better option to fix my lopsided smile. Botox or fillers? (Photo)

I have been told that injecting Botox under the nostrils would help with the lips being lopsided however since reading the other Q&A's some doctors... READ MORE

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