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I Had Botox 7 Days Ago and Only Seeing Results on Right Side of my Face I'm So Worried?

I had botox for the second time 7days ago but only seeing results on the right side of my face so when I smile I look totally odd and lopsided.... I'm... READ MORE

Annoying Asymmetrical Face - Hypertropia and Crooked Smile? (photo)

Recently i've become more aware of my upturned left eye & smile. When im tired photos can look like I've had a minor stroke! I'm 33, get botox for... READ MORE

How to avoid lopsided smile after botox to masseter?

I've gotten botox in my masseter muscles several times; however, 3 times I was left with a smile that was a straight line because the corners of my... READ MORE

How to correct lopsided/hooded eyes? (photos)

I am unsure of exactly what makes my eyes do this, which is why I don't truly know what I need. I've heard simply botox for my hooded lids or an... READ MORE

Which Muscle is Botox Injected into Correct Slightly Lopsided Smile?

I had a midface procedure that has given me some nerve injury, its been almost 3 weeks, I can smile wide and force movement but if I smile naturally... READ MORE

Follow Up: Added more photos: Why is my face/smile lopsided? Filler/Botox? What can I do? (Photo)

I got filler/voluma a few months ago in my cheeks & around my mouth (by nose, in lower sides of mouth to eve wrinkle in cheek & in cheeks). It was... READ MORE

Botox in my Cheeks and Resulted in Lopsided Smile?

I am originally from the UK but live in the middle east. I have had Botox around my eyes and on my forehead on 3 occasions and have been very happy... READ MORE

When I smile my neck muscles are prominent, is this due to the botox?

Botox on my chin ruined my smile. very lopsided. I also notice when I smile my neck muscles are prominent, is this due to the botox? Two cords stick... READ MORE

I have a lopsided mouth after braces - what can be done? (photo)

I am finishing up 1 year of braces to correct a canine that jutted forward. This has changed my jaw and mouth. When my mouth is closed and at rest, my... READ MORE

Why does Botox and fillers change a person's smile and make it lopsided?

My friend had a lovely smile with a few wrinkles and now she has no wrinkles but her smile is lopsided. She looked better before. She had botox,... READ MORE

Does my Botox on day 5 starting to look lopsided in its effect or will this even out? (photo)

I had Botox 5 days ago to my DAO and above eyebrows to create a arch effect and in my upper lip under cupid bow for the lines. also had juvederm to my... READ MORE

Did my doctor do the exact opposite of what I wanted with Botox? (Photo)

First time botox today. Wanted to minimize left jaw b/c bruxism. He said my right jaw is stronger, put 15 in the right, 10 in left. Will jaw be even... READ MORE

Botox in the chin gave me lopsided smile ;( Help! (photo)

I had Botox done 7 days ago to get an eyebrow lift while I was there, the doctor put some in my chin. I don't know whether she put too much or in the... READ MORE

Will my lopsided smile every improve after Botox? Is there anything I can do to improve? (photo)

Had botox 4 weeks ago. She suggested that I try some around the mouth to get rid of vertical lines. I did go back after a week because of how bad it... READ MORE

19 years old and I have a very "lop sided smile". How should I go about treating this? (photo)

How do I go about getting this fixed?? orthodontist? or Botox (I understand Botox wont last though!) I have provided photos below. thank you very much... READ MORE

I am wondering what is a better option to fix my lopsided smile. Botox or fillers? (Photo)

I have been told that injecting Botox under the nostrils would help with the lips being lopsided however since reading the other Q&A's some doctors... READ MORE

I had 20 units of Botox in my chin to reduce chin dimples. My lower smile is lopsided. Frozen on one side, droops on the other

Dr. did 5 units on either side of the chin under the nasal labial fold? and 2- 5 unit shots in the front chin. The left side of lip is pulling up and... READ MORE

Could Botox have caused this dent?

I had Botox for massater reduction that went horribly wrong about 6 months ago. My smile was lopsided and I couldn't move one side of my cheek area... READ MORE

Botox injection for hyperactive mentalis, "pebbled" chin - how do I find an experienced injector? 28 y/o female. (photos)

For the past 10 years I've had a noticeable amount of dimpling in my chin. Also, the muscle makes a "bubble" below my jawline when I smile. I had... READ MORE

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