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Heavy, Droopy Eyelids and Eyebrows After Botox

I had Botox on my forehead and frown lines. Now my eyelids feel heavy and my brows have dropped with the outer ends raised. Can this be altered? Or at... READ MORE

Brows and Lids Feel Heavy After Botox

It is only 1 day since I had Botox for the first time and my eyebrow/ eyelid area feel heavy. I looks like it may be sagging a bit in the outer corner... READ MORE

Tightness, Heavy Head 24 Hours After Botox

My Head is Starting to Feel Tight and Heavy 24hours After Botox to Forehead and Frown Line. What's happening? READ MORE

Forehead and Between Eyebrows Feel Tight and Heavy After Botox?

I had 20 units Botox places in my Glabellar area 2 days ago. Ever since the injection, my forehead developed a very heavy/tight/numb feeling. My... READ MORE

Can Botox cause tightness, heaviness, tension headache right after Botox injection and continue for over a week?

I had Botox on my forehead/between eyes, a total of 25 units. By the next morning, My head, above my eyes feels achy, tight, headache. I'm now 8 days... READ MORE

Botox on my Forehead, Frown Lines and Crows Feet, and My Eyes Look Tired and Feel Heavy. Causes?

I have had botox injections for the forehead, frown lines and crow feet areas two weeks ago. I noticed recently that my eyes look very tired, as if I... READ MORE

Sunken, Heavy Eyes and Uneven Eyebrow Arch After Botox in Glabella

Hi, After Having Botox in Forehead I Developed a Lump Above Eyebrow, I went back to injector who suggested having glabella area treated. Two days... READ MORE

How to Flush Botox from System?

My neurologist gave me Botox injections for chronic migraine - 100 unit is base of skull, neck & shoulders. This was 6 days ago. My neck is very... READ MORE

Could a "heavy" feeling in my forehead and persistent headache and nausea be caused by too much botox in my forehead? (Photo)

I had 30 units of botox injected into my 11's and forehead a week and a half ago and have had a nonstop headache from 2 days after the injection. Now... READ MORE

How Long for Botox Induced Cheek Ptosis to Resolve After Small Dose?

Paralysis occured after top up 5 weeks ago. The doctor injected 2 units into my crows feet and a little under my eyes. The main botox was 2 weeks... READ MORE

BOTOX in forehead - will these side effects wear off?

Received Botox in forehead for the first time 11/6. 42 yr old female. It is now 1/2015. Hoping this wears off. Results look great! 2 days after... READ MORE

Why are my dad's droopy eyelids caused by Parkinson's drooping even worse after Botox treatment to eyelids? (photo)

My dad has Parkinson's and was experiencing drooping eyelids. His doctor performed a round of Botox treatment to the eye to help lift the eyelids,... READ MORE

Can a Heavy Botox Forehead Be Fixed?

I had botox injected in upper forehead and upper glabella. I had asked for an overall lift. This had had the opposite effect- heavy forehead, lowered... READ MORE

Is it possible for Botox to wear off earlier than 2 months ?

I had botox done on my forehead and 11's (between eyes) on 12/30/14. It's now been one month but I noticed my forehead feels different. When I first... READ MORE

Help! Brow looks (and even feels) heavy and weighted down, eyes/eyebrows look heavy. Any way to look normal again?

Had botox for the first time about 4 weeks ago. Crows feet first (which I loved the results!!) then about 2 weeks after I had injections to smooth my... READ MORE

Botox to Relieve Eyebrow Heaviness After Double Eyelid Surgery - Good Idea?

Hi everyone. I am planning with a surgeon to use Botox to raise my medial eyebrow as they feel heavy after Double eyelid surgery (w/ ptosis repair).... READ MORE

Brow Drop with Botox and Lid Lift with Fillers?

Male model (23) .My brow arches a little and is too high + slightly heavy Upper lids. To straighten my brow I would likely have to also raise it using... READ MORE

What can I do to resolve puffy face and heavy eye lids after Botox?

I've had Botox a couple times a year for the past five years without any problems. However, last week, I went to a new injector (not a physician), and... READ MORE

Does Botox cause eyelids to be more heavy if you've received it in your forehead? If so, how can this be avoided?

I've noticed the past 2 times I've received Botox there is more weight in my eyelids. Is this common? How can it be prevented? This didn't happen the... READ MORE

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