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Can You Exercise After Botox or Will It Decrease the Results?

Can You Exercise After Botox  or Will It Decrease the Results READ MORE

Can I Go Running 48 Hrs After Getting Botox?

I just had botox yesterday morning and I was wondering is it ok to go running tomorrow afternoon? is it ok if my forehead sweats? READ MORE

Facial Exercises After Botox

Hello! How soon after Botox can I resume my facial exercises? (eye area, forehead etc..). Many thanks READ MORE

Does Exercise Impact the Longevity of Botox and Other Fillers?

I'm a huge fan of Botox and fillers;however,I wonder about the exercise impact.Most say none.I spoke with someone who works for the manufacturer... READ MORE

Why Does Exercise Cause Botox to Wear Off Faster?

Why Does Ibotox Wear off Faster if You Are More Active (Gym)? READ MORE

Does Exercising Within 4 Days of Botox Make It Wear off Faster?

The doctor who administered Botox to my glabella told me not to raise my heart rate for 4 DAYS following the injection -- no yard work, no working... READ MORE

Will Facial Exercise and Lethicin Lessen the Effects of Post-Botox Brow Droop?

Botox on tues at 530 pm. By the next AM, BAD headaches, by Sat night, what looks like the beginning of eyelid droop and a low eyebrow more on the left... READ MORE

What Activities Should I Do to Avoid Fast Wear off of Botox Effect?

Botox is quite expensive and it really hurts my budget. But this is one beauty enhancement that i think i wouldn't like to give up. Kindly give me... READ MORE

Can Strenuous Excercise (Inversions) Cause Botox Migration?

I sent in a question about botox around my eyes and the droop in my mouth recently. I think I figured out what went wrong but wanted to double check... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Wear a Helmet and Exercise Heavily After Botox?

I was told not to wear a helmet for 2 weeks. Is this normal? I ride horses and snowboard... I also do yoga and boot camp... I had botox injected in my... READ MORE

Will chewing gum/jaw exercises help wear off masseter botox?

I've had three botox treatments to my masseters within 6 months, on advice from my Dr. However my masseters have diminished to the point that my cheek... READ MORE

Is it possible for Botox to wear off earlier than 2 months ?

I had botox done on my forehead and 11's (between eyes) on 12/30/14. It's now been one month but I noticed my forehead feels different. When I first... READ MORE

If the doctor hits a nerve while injecting botox should you refrain from exercise?

I got botox injections 2 days ago and the doctor hit a nerve in my forehead which sent a sharp pain to the top of my head. Since then if I rub my... READ MORE

When can I dye my hair after botox and 2 fillers in face?

I am having Botox on my forward, Radiesse on my cheeks and Restylane on the sides of my chin. How long should I wait to color my hair. I do bend my... READ MORE

Does Dieting & Exercise or Adhd Meds Cause Botox to Wear off Quickly?

I had botox done on my forehead and around my eyes. After about 45 days, those wrinkles had come back. I had been dieting and exercising and I use... READ MORE

I am unable to smile at all after Botox injections around my mouth. Are there exercises that can help me? (photos)

I cannot move the corners of my mouth. My pronunciation of "P" and "B" is effected. In the pictures I am trying with all my might to smile. Are there... READ MORE

Botox treatment to Masseter muscle has caused jowl. Is this permanent?

Last year I had Botox injections (4 in total) to my left masseter to treat hypertrophy. This worked well in reducing the muscle bulk but the last... READ MORE

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