Autoimmune Disease + Botox

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Can Botox Make Autoimmune Disease Worsen?

I have been receiving botox injections in my eye area due to an eye problem as a result of bells palsy which occured over 26 years ago. It is more... READ MORE

Is It Ok To Get Botox With Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or Cutis Laxis?

I found out recently i have a skin autoimmune disease (loss of collagen/ stretchy skin ), i have been getting botox for one year and always have side... READ MORE

Autoimmune Issues and Use of Fillers, Botox?

I have been advised thru this forum that due to my autoimmune issues I am not a candidate for Sculptra Injections. What about fillers and/or botox? READ MORE

I am interested in getting Botox/Dysport but have heard people with autoimmune disorders should be cautious, can I get Botox?

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease 10 years ago. I had a thyroid ablation and have been on synthroid ever since. I have had no problems. READ MORE

My Daughter Has Had Kidney and Pancreas Organ Transplant Recently

Due to being on auto immune suppressants is this still possible to have injections as I am concerned if the botox will conflict with her medication READ MORE

I have endocrine and auto-immune issues. Do I have a increased chance of sides effects from Botox? (photo)

I have endocrine and auto-immune issues. I am going to a reputable place and having juvederm done by a reputable PA. He wants to do 12 units of botox... READ MORE

Can Botox, even in small amounts, migrate? Are Botox and fillers safe for people with autoimmune disorders?

A nationally known Dermatologist did Botox injections in my lips. Five hours later, my GI Dr. told me I had an irregular heartbeat. Ten days later, I... READ MORE

Can I have Botox injections if I have CIDP?

I have an autoimmume disorder (chronic inflammtory demileninating Polyneuropathy or CIDP). Is it Ok to receive injections of Botox? READ MORE

IVIG and Botox/Dermal Fillers? Will this have any impact on the fillers i periodically receive?

I receive monthly IVIG infusions for an autoimmune disease. Can anyone tell me if this will have any impact on the Botox/Xeomin or dermal fillers I... READ MORE

Can I have filler in my lips and Botox in my face when autoimmune disease

I really would like filler in my lips and some Botox Around my eyes and forehead, but I have a autoimmune disease called wegener granulomatosis witch... READ MORE

Is there any evidence that autoimmune disease can cause either Botox or fillers like Juederm, etc to have a shorter efficacy?

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in 2010, with a serious flare in 2012 and 2013 and have noticed a marked decrease in the amount of time these... READ MORE

Is is safe to have Botox injected with autoimmune condition?

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis last July. Since then, I have been on Plaquenil with good results. I have Juvederm and Restylane in my... READ MORE

Diagnosed with Autoimmune Thyroiditis. Can I still get filler and/or Botox?

I have autoimmune Thyroid disease, Graves' disease. (thyroid eye disease) and chronic thyroiditis. This alone is very stressful, but I look horrible.... READ MORE

Can too much Botox trigger an autoimmune disease reaction?

Had 27 Botox shots to my head, neck, shoulder all at once. had a reaction (optic nerve pain, constant head and neck pain, tight throat and nausea). my... READ MORE

I had Botox on the forehead 1 wk ago. My lids look droopy but I'm scared to take iopodine drops. Any suggestions?

I want a surgical eye lift in October. How long will this last? I have Hep b, and an autoimmune disease. READ MORE

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