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Can Too Much Botox Cause Eyebrows to Drop?

I have been getting Botox for about 4 years and everything has been great. This time when I got it, it made my one eyelid look like it was a double... READ MORE

Does Botox Work on Horizontal Forehead Creases?

I am 38 years old. I am desperate to find a non-invasive procedure to help reduce the lines going accross my forehead. I have four (two are very... READ MORE

When can one consume alcohol after getting botox and restylane filler? (photo)

I'm 35 years old female and I got botox in my forehead and restylane filler in my laugh lines on Wednesday afternoon. Will I be able to go out on the... READ MORE

Which One is Better Botox or Fillers?

Hi,I have smile lines on my face, my skin is so sensitive and my age is 40. I want to ask that which is better fillers or Botox? Which one have the... READ MORE

Hollow Wrinkle Between Lower Lip and Chin?

Hello and thank you doctors for this forum! I'm about to be 39 & want botox in between my eyebrows. Can any of you tell me what the name of the... READ MORE

Will Botox Tighten Double Chin?

I have a double chin, not horrible, but at 40 years old with no other wrinkles. I would like to know if Botox is an effective treatment to tighten this. READ MORE

Chin Area: Botox/fillers?

Hi, I'm 36 and for two years I have been getting botox shots for crow's feet and bunny lines, last time I also had filler for corners of mouth. Very... READ MORE

Can You Inject Botox and Filler at the Same Time in the Same Place?

I have a very deep line between my eyebrows, I was told it would need a few units of botox, but also some filler to get ridd of it. Can that be done... READ MORE

Eyebrow Droop After Botox? (photo)

I just went to the doctor and got my injection sites from her. I am 37 years old and was injected in July at 4 sites at the top of my forehead and in... READ MORE

Did I Receive the Correct Amount of Botox?

Hello, I had Botox for the first time and had 14 units between the eyebrows and 6 units in the forehead. I was told less was needed for the forehead... READ MORE

Hi, I Was Wondering That if You Smoke Directly After Botox Being Done if It Has Any Effect?

I am a 44 year old woman, i just had botax done 3 hours ago. as soon as i got houm with in an hour i smoked a cigarette. will this have any affect on... READ MORE

Can Botox Change the Shape of my Eyes?

I am 40 and just had botox in my forehead and crows feet (26 units). It has been one week since treatment and I look "different." Seems where my inner... READ MORE

How long does it take for wrinkles to fade after first botox injection?

I got my first procedure done today (Botox 26 units) and the RN said it would take an entire year to see any of the wrinkles disappear. After reading... READ MORE

Botox in Upper Part and Fillers on Lower Part of Face?

I am 42 and have had Botox 4 years ago with a good result, but now I hate looking at my wrinkles. I need my brows, crows feet, smile lines, and my top... READ MORE

Breakout from Botox on my Forehead AFTER Two Weeks?

I had botox on my frown line and forehead almost a month ago. I did not have any allergic reactions until about 2 full weeks after when I started... READ MORE

Botox for Frown Lines (52 Units) Doesn't Seem to Work. Why? (photo)

I'm 36 yrs old. 4 wks ago I had my 1st Botox for frown lines. My doctor said that I needed at least 42 units. It seemed a lot to me considering that... READ MORE

Shouldn't 30 units of botox be sufficient for glabellar 11's? (Photo)

I had 20 units of botox for my glabellar 11's. After 7 days, I wasn't pleased with the result - my lines were still quite pronounced. The doctor... READ MORE

Good Doctors in New Jersey to Perform Facial Botox?

I am a 38 year old black female looking to get a facial botox procedure to eliminate/reduce under eye bags and expression lines. Please provide... READ MORE

Series of Mistakes in Eye Region - 38 Year-old Woman

I had Botox 5 months ago for crow's feet with terrible results (strange smile/new wrinkles under eyes). I work on camera and was very depressed so... READ MORE

Botox to shrink nose pores, how much, where and how deep? (Photo)

I’m 36 and I still get acne. My nose is an oily moonscape. Lasers/dermabrasion/etc aren’t going to help; these aren’t pits left over from hormo... READ MORE

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