2 Days Post-op + Botox

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When Will I Notice the Results of the Botox?

Had botox between eyes, frown lines 2 days ago... I see no difference. READ MORE

Lying Down Directly After Botox, Is This Not Recommended?

I had Botox injections 2 days ago. I wasn't given post-care instructions. Immediately after the treatment (half an hour after) I had a massage,... READ MORE

I Had Botox in my Masseters 2 Days Ago, when I Can Expect to Notice Any Effect? (photo)

I had botox injected into my masseters for jaw reduction and to stop my clenching and grinding two days ago. I don't see or feel any change yet. Can... READ MORE

Did I Receive the Correct Amount of Botox?

Hello, I had Botox for the first time and had 14 units between the eyebrows and 6 units in the forehead. I was told less was needed for the forehead... READ MORE

How Soon After Having Botox Would a Ptosis Show Up? Hours? Days?

I had botox to the glabellar and crows feet 2 days ago and my new practitioner also gave me a half unit towards the upper, outer corner of my eyebrows... READ MORE

I Did Botox 2 Days Ago the Same Wrinkles Are There, When Will I See Results?

I Did Botox 2 Days Ago the Same Wrinkles Are There, When Will I See Results? READ MORE

Does Fish Oil Interfere with Botox Injections?

I received botox injections to the neck for cervical dystonia about 2 days ago. Is it okay to start taking fish oil (omega 3) 1000 mg x 2 daily. READ MORE

Botox is Limiting my Smile, Do I Have Options?

I had botox between my eyes (frown lines) and crows feet two days ago. First timer. Between the eyes looks great and has given me a slight brow lift.... READ MORE

Muscle Spasm and Headache After Botox?

Had Botox injected 48 hours ago. I'm now having muscle spasms in different parts of my body. I also have a persistent headache. Is this normal? ... READ MORE

20 units of Botox were injected into my forehead for horizontal lines. Will my brow drop improve? (photos)

48 hrs post injection I saw changes. My eyelids looked puffy. The inner corners of my eyes look different, hooded, heavy. Today has been 1 week. I'm... READ MORE

Botox Causing Stomach Pains?

My wife has had botox to the face, but shortly after ( two days ) started having stomach issues, to which she is constantly on the toilet and unable... READ MORE

Can I Use an Inversion Table After Botox?

I typically use the inversion table (basically a headstand) every other day, which allows me to hang vertically upside down. This helps my spine and... READ MORE

Forehead botox caused eye wrinkles, will they go away and can they be fixed with botox in eye area? (photo)

I had botox in my forehead 2 1/2 months ago and have developed bad wrinkles around my eyes, I had none before. I now have quite a lot of movement in... READ MORE

Can the Botox I Got Around my Eyes Have Caused the Corner of 1 Side of my Mouth to Droop?

2 days after injections, 2 around each corner of eye and 1 under eye, the corner of my mouth that widens the smile won't widen causing the shape to be... READ MORE

How Long For Botox Results To Be Full Fledged?

I received about 20 units for my 11's and 10 additional units in my forehead Friday afternoon, by Saturday I already seemed to have improvement... READ MORE

I Have Slight Numbness Along Right Side of Facial Nerve Immediately Following Botox Injection. How Long Will This Last?

As soon as I was injected, I felt my eyelid droop a little bit and a weird sensation going around my eye to the cheek. Then I noticed that the right... READ MORE

Rosacea triggered after botox?

I received for the first time ever, Botox 50 units, around all the usual areas for treatment on my face. 2 days later, I developed painful, burning,... READ MORE

Sagging Skin After Botox Under Eyes- Will I Get a Refund?

I had botox 2 days ago & for the first time ever I've got sagging skin under my eyes, esp. when I smile. I did NOT have this problem before... READ MORE

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