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Bad Headache from Botox Injections, When Will It Stop?

I had Botox 1 week ago and have had a horrible horrible headache for a week. My forehead feels heavy and my right eye is achy and heavy. Nothing... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction to Botox...When Will the Symptoms Go Away???

I received Botox for the second time for my face and 3 days later was covered in hives, a sunburn like itchy burning rash over my torso, neck, chest... READ MORE

Why is my Forehead Region Still So Mobile After Botox Injection Post 9 Days?

I had my first injection of Botox 9 days ago. Unfortunately I do not remember how many units were injected. He also did a few more injections along... READ MORE

How Long Will I Have These Bags Under Eyes After Botox Injection?

I had two units of botox injected under my eyes 6 days ago and bags under my eyes appeared 3 days after the injection, what look like pockets of fluid... READ MORE

Can't Fully Smile or Raise Cheeks after Jaw Reduction with Botox, Options?

I just got botox for jaw reduction done a week ago. I've done it before and love the result as it did slim my face. But this time, I went to... READ MORE

How Long After Getting Botox Can I Get More if I'm Not Seeing Much Change?

I have deep forehead creases and I got my first botox treatment (12 units) about 7 days ago. I am noticing a slight change but not much. How long... READ MORE

What is the Percentage of Incidences Where Botox is Not Effective at All?

I recently (about 90 hours ago) had Botox injected into my frown lines and so far there is no change in my frown lines, no hint of paralysis, nothing.... READ MORE

Botox Touch Up Caused Brows to Lower, How Long Until I See Improvement?

I had a botox touch-up 8 days ago to my forehead to correct creases that formed over the outer brow whenever I raised my eyebrows.(had 20 units to... READ MORE

Can You Have Delayed Side Effects of Botox? (photo)

I had botox (16 units) applied to my 11's 6 days ago. All of a sudden this morning I stared getting strained feeling in my eyes, dizzy, nauseous, and... READ MORE

Bruising and Swelling After Minimal Amount of Botox?

Hi. I had Botox 5 days ago and after the 3rd day, I appear to have dark circles, swelling and have acquired some bruising. Is this normal and will it... READ MORE

1 Week After Botox to Forehead and Frown Lines my Brows Have Started to Droop, Is this Likely to Get Worse?

It is 6 days since i had botox on my forehead a nd between brows,under my brows appear swollen a bit and drooped a small bit,is this likely to get... READ MORE

Can Botox Change the Shape of my Eyes?

I am 40 and just had botox in my forehead and crows feet (26 units). It has been one week since treatment and I look "different." Seems where my inner... READ MORE

Cannot Drink from a Cup or a Bottle of Water After Botox Above Lip, Is this Normal? (photo)

First time, so already skeptical. Had a Radisee filler put in my lines from nose to mouth. Also had small amount of botox put in my lip lines.... READ MORE

High Arched Brow After Botox in Glabella and Forehead?

I had botox in my glabellar and forehead regions approximately one week ago and now I have one brow that arches significantly higher than the other... READ MORE

Why is my Mouth Drooping on One Side when I Had Botox in my Forehead?

I had botox in my forehead and crows feet on 31st March - I have had the treatment 3 times before by the same practice with no side effects. Within a... READ MORE

Doc Put 50 Units of Botox In my Face is This Too Much I Got Saggy Eyes, and Migraines

I had botox on july 7th, the doc used 50 units between my forehead and crows feet. I've never had that much botox before, and now my upper eyelids... READ MORE

Can You Swim a Few Days After Facial Botox Injection?

First time using botox around the eyes and I'm an avid swimmer. It's been about 5 days. Is swimming fine? READ MORE

Can Botox cause tightness, heaviness, tension headache right after Botox injection and continue for over a week?

I had Botox on my forehead/between eyes, a total of 25 units. By the next morning, My head, above my eyes feels achy, tight, headache. I'm now 8 days... READ MORE

Why my Frown Lines Are Still There After One Week of my Botox Injection?

I'm 29 years old and I've had my first botox injection a week ago. I can't frown anymore but my frown lines are still there! should I repeat botox... READ MORE

EYEBROW Droop from Botox in Corrugator Muscle (Treating Frown Lines)...is It Possible?

I had Botox 6 Days ago for frown lines (Standard 5 points of injection), with the two Corrugator injection points being just above either eyebrow. I... READ MORE

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