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Tummy Tuck or Belly Button Surgery?

I have stretch marks and loose skin around my belly button. Do I need a tummy tuck or belly button surgery? READ MORE

What Surgery Can Be Done to Fix my Belly Button? (photo)

I have two kids. After my first, my body went right back to normal. After my second, I got a lot of strentch marks below my belly. This doesnt bother... READ MORE

Will Umbilicoplasty Make a Significant Difference on Post-pregnant Belly?

I had a baby and it left me a raisin belly. I am realistic and know that my tummy will never be the same and I may never get rid of my stretch marks... READ MORE

Can an Endoscopic Abdominoplasty Be Performed Through the Navel if I Am Also Getting Umbilicoplasty?

I have some stretch marks around my belly button and abdominal separation from pregnancy which I have not been able to repair with exercise. I have... READ MORE

Would an Umbilicoplasty Do the Trick? (photo)

I am two weeks postpartum, I'm almost back to my prepregnancy weight. But my belly button hasn't gone back to how it used to be. It used to be an... READ MORE

Umbilicoplasty Revision? Tuck? Anything? Why Can't I Get Even Close to a Consensus? (photo)

Loose skin from pregnancy. Many consults 10 years ago. Opinions ran the gamut. 1 was very conservative and recommended umbilicoplasty which I had... READ MORE

What Should I Do? Post-Partum, Just Stretch Marks, No Loose Skin? (photo)

I'm 10 weeks postpartum have had 2 kids within the past 15 months. have no loose skin, just some stretch marks. am i a good candidate for... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for an umbilicoplasty? (photos)

I'd like my outie belly button to be an innie. I had an umbilical hernia repair last May. I have some stretch marks around my navel (about 1 in... READ MORE

Abdominoplasty, Umbilicoplasty, or What?

After having my second child, the skin above my belly button became more loose and I have a few stretch marks above the belly button as well. It... READ MORE

Can my belly button be fixed? (photo)

I had a "tummy tuck" 4 years ago it was just skin removal my muscles were not tighten or stitched. A week post op I had my incision open and I had to... READ MORE

Looking for info on umbilicoplasty without tummy tuck. Would the outcome possibly be better than what I have? (Photo)

Mom of 2 kids. 5'3" 125 lbs. 4 years from last pregnancy. Stretch marks above navel are my main concern, from pregnency and prior piercings. Don't... READ MORE

Best thing to do about my belly with minimal scarring? (photos)

Is it possible to just fix my stomach with a belly button reconstruction? What is the best thing I should do about my belly? I am scared of large... READ MORE

Can a basic umbilicoplasty procedure repair/remove ugly scar tissue left by navel piercings? (Photo)

Before my pregnancy, I had 3 navel rings. During pregnancy, the scars discolored and I gained some stretch marks around my navel. Also, I have what I... READ MORE

Umbilicoplasty? Thermage? Help!!! (photos)

I've had 4 kids pretty much back to back with my last baby born 9 months ago. My stomach is all kinds of messed up. My biggest insecurity is my belly... READ MORE

Could my belly button look normal again? (Photo)

My piercing closed up since my pregnancy but left a visible hole. I have a stretch mark in between my piercing and belly button and I'm assuming... READ MORE

Umbilicoplasty or something more to fix my post baby belly? (photos)

For my profession the excess skin, misshapen navel, & stretch marks around my stomach are a huge problem. I can get around stretch marks with... READ MORE

Just had a baby 4 months ago, was wondering if I'd be a good candidate for umbilicoplasty? (photos)

Just had a baby 4 months ago, was wondering if I'd be a good candidate for umbilicoplasty? I just hate the way my belly button looks now, and I still... READ MORE

Will my belly look smooth afterwards or skin gathering and wrinkles? Scars? Stretch marks? Ab Strength? (photos)

I am a fit 38 yeard old and I have a 7 year old son. I was told I have a Diastasis Recti' and an umbilical hernia. I had my hernia fixed about 9 years... READ MORE

I would like to know if there is any procedure that would just kind of lift up the belly button? (photo)

After my kids it kind of just sags a little bit and there is a stretch mark right there on top. I don't want to do a whole tummy tuck because I don't... READ MORE

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