Can my belly button be fixed? (photo)

I had a "tummy tuck" 4 years ago it was just skin removal my muscles were not tighten or stitched. A week post op I had my incision open and I had to go back in to close it. A week later my BB started closing I had a revision as well The skin around my BB is really thin, I can see the veins through that part of the skin, it looks like it has a lot of tiny stretch marks around it My dr said it happened because I was allergic to the stitches I want it fixed but I do not want to make the scar worse

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Belly button surgery/Umbilicoplasty

You have stenosis or narrowing of the opening to your belly button. This can be improved with umbilicoplasty surgery. I advise you see a fully qualified plastic surgeon with experience in this area.

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