Radix + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Is There a Way to Lower the Major Nasion/Radix of Nose to Make It Look Flat?

I am asian guy but my the Nasion/Radix of my nose is higher like western people which make my nose look bigger and doesn't go along with face.I have... READ MORE

Silicon or fillers for low radix?

Hi, I am a Asian female and contemplating augmenting my low radix. My bridge is fine. I find rib too invasive for my liking and my trusted surgeon... READ MORE

Followup: my middle nose is wide & slopes down. Will osteotomies help me?

I am an Asian patient. I like my radix but my bridge is generally very wide and widens at the end. Surgeons keep suggesting I get osteotomies to... READ MORE

Radix too high after insertion of silicon implant (Asian rhinoplasty). (photos)

Had rhino with silicon implant in Korea 1 month ago. The implant made my radix too high. I noticed that the bridge/radix curve for most people begins... READ MORE

Radix graft cost?

My radix is deep because I am an Asian. If I wanted to add height to radix, what is the range of the cost get argumentation? You don't have to give me... READ MORE

Is There Any Surgery to Raise the Eye and Tear Duct Reducing the Radix of Nasion Bone?

The way I mean raising the eye means, due to high radix of my nose the tear duct of eye or depression has gone inside down which make eye look darker.... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty: my radix is too high, is this due to swelling? Will my tip get any smaller? (Photo)

I got closed rhinoplasty, silicone to raise the bridge and ear cartilage for tip projection. It's been 2 weeks post-op and it's discouraging to see... READ MORE

20 days post op Gore-Tex Asian rhinoplasty. Radix high. Slope middle. High tip. Why is my nose curved and not straight? (Photo)

My radix is high, makes my eyes a bit cross eyed. My original nose was curved to begin with. My radix looks like I have bump. High and very prominent... READ MORE

Bridge too high especially the radix for Asian nose? (Photos)

I'm POD 13. Is my radix too high and the rest of my bridge in general? I'm very unhappy with my bridge especially the radix is too high. I'm Asian. I... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty - please clearly list what you would do to achieve my goals and why. (Photo)

About me: - Asian female - Deviated septum & swollen turbinates (allergies) - I tend to overproduce scar tissue & scars take a while to fade - I want... READ MORE

Staged approach beginning with lowering radix to return natural balanced appropriate appearance between eyes and facial bones.

My radix started lower than most Caucasian noses and should have stayed that way. My tip was less projected than typical Caucasian nose and bridge was... READ MORE

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