Do you have concerns after your surgery?


If so, you are like many that have posted thier patient questions on this site. Don't ignore your concerns. Doing so is not optimal for your healing.

Some suggestions if you have concerns or worries:

•     Don't ignore your concerns. It doesn't matter if you were just seen two days ago and everything was great, if you feel something may be going on that worries you--get it addressed.

•     Call. Be pleasant, but BE PERSISTENT. Ideally you speak with someone that hears that you are concerned and acts upon it. The "Golden Rule" in our practice is simple--it a patient feels they need to be seen, they need to be seen.

•     If you are not transferred to the doctor or another professional that is familiar with your medical and surgical care, the ask to be. And CALL BACK if you still have your concerns after this call.

•     Don't rationalize with yourself that "I'm crazy" or "I am just overreacting." Sure, it may be a routine issue, but it may not be.

Other options to consider:

•     Call 911 or go to the emergency room if you feel it is needed.

•     Email a picture if this can demonstrate your issue.

•     Ask if there is anyone covering for the doctor that can see you, or can you call another physician yourself.

Bottom Line: If you are worried, there could be good reason. Most of the time it will turn out to be something minor, but that is for your doctor to sort out. If need be, be persistent and insist to be seen.


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Denver Plastic Surgeon