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Facial Treatment While Taking Oratane 10mg?

I am on Oratane isotretinoin 10mg per day course, and I'm wondering whether Oratane and Accutane are the same? I am on my second day of the oratane... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Swelling on my Face After Taking Oratane 50 Mg for 2 Months?

I've been off Oratane for 2 weeks now. I only took it for 2 months. My daily dose was 50mg according to my weight which is 53 kg. I left it mainly... READ MORE

Can I use tea tree oil and aloe vera gel for my acne while on oratane 10mg? (Photo)

Hi I am another teenager that suffers from severe acne and I am currently on oratane 10mg. I am in my second week of my treatment and yes my acne has... READ MORE

Can I Double my 10 Mg Oratane, Im 70kg. I Feel the Dose is to Low?

Im on Oratane more than a week and nothing is hapening, my dockter said he can give me more for my body mass, but he said i sould try 10 mg first. but... READ MORE

My husband has been on Oratane (20mg) for 3 months now. He has +- 4 months to go. Is it safe to fall pregnant while he is on it?

If so, how long do we have to wait before falling pregnant after he is finished the coarse? Thanking you in advance! Melissa READ MORE

To continue with oratane or not?

Hi I'm on oratane,few days ago my lips started cracking and became very dry.Now its worse,they are red, irritable and swollen.What should I do?Stop... READ MORE

Can I dye my hair once a month while I am on Oratane 20g medication?

I ve just started taking Oratane 20g (30 days) as perscribed by my dermatologist. I have to color my roots every month because of my white hair, is... READ MORE

On Oratane, is this an abnormal period or am I pregnant?

I was initially on 20mg of oratane and I have not gotten my period for a month now, I am currently on 50mg of oratane and I'm still waiting for my... READ MORE

Accutane and pregnant (Photo)

I have took 8 pcs of oratane 20 mg (1 tablet once a day, 2 days per week) for a period of 4 weeks. I drink the last tablet on Jan.4 and on Jan.10 I... READ MORE

Is Scaring the Only Negative Side Effect from Using Microdermabrasion Whilst on Oratane?

Or could it cause other issues? for example, thickening of the skin? Also I'm curious as to know why it's not safe to use microdermabrasion 30 days... READ MORE

Hi All, I've Started my 5th Month on Oratane Yesterday. Dr Said I Need More. What Do You Think? (photo)

This was after my visit to the Dermartologist on Monday. Initially I had gone for progress check up. My skin has really cleared out now, all the... READ MORE

Is it normal to have sudden acne breakouts after taking Oratane (Accutane) for 5 months?

Doctor suggested me i should have a 6 months long period of taking oratane, which also same as accutane, the first few months going very well, but... READ MORE

Oratane and pregnancy. Does oratane have any long term side effects? Is my baby safe?

I am off oratane since 6 months. I am now 5 weeks pregnant. Is my baby safe. I am really scared. Does oratane have any long term side effects. READ MORE

Boils on my breast and bums after taking Oratane for two months. Is this normal?

I have been on oratane 10 mg for two months.My skin and lips are very dry.My face is darker I seem to have wrinkles on my forehead now. I have also... READ MORE

After a few 2-3 drinks on oratane the next day I am feeling very unwell almost paralyzed, and more. What can I do to help?

After being on oratane for almost a year, I have had a few drinks and the next day i am chronically feeling dizzy, sick, stomach pains, sore chest,... READ MORE

What natural remedies can I use after Oratane treatment? I still get out breaks, and don't want to go on a contraceptive.

I am a 22 year old female and I have been on oratane for 6 months now (40mg) which is also my last month, but i still get break outs around my period,... READ MORE

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