Dry Skin + Accutane

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My Lips Are Cracked During Accutane Treatments, Which Lip Balms Would be Best?

I do a treatment with accutane and my lips are cracked .,and i don't know what lips balm is good READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Skin Dryness to Decrease?

I'm starting Accutane next month (May 25), and how much can i be out in the sun while taking this if i can Very Fair skin. Ive tried every type of... READ MORE

Moisturizing Product to Use After Accutane?

My skin is peeling a little but more annoyingly, it is often very tight, even though I am moisturizing it. I have fine wrinkles now where I smile if I... READ MORE

My Skin is Extremely Sensitive and Dry After Accutane Course. How Long Will This Last?

My skin is extremely sensitive and dry after accutane course. i have taken 20 mg oratane for almost 3 months... my oil glands stopped working. i have... READ MORE

Best Moisturizer for Dry and Flaking Skin While on Accutane?

I have recently started accutane and I have been experiencing alot of dryness and flaking skin on my face. Mainly around my mouth, nose, and between... READ MORE

Is my Accutane Dose Safe?

I am 42 yo cauc. female with moderate hormonal acne flares and was on Accutane (Claravis actually) 6 months ago at 40 mg one day then 80 mg the next.... READ MORE

Manual Exfoliants While on Low Dose Accutane?

Is it okay to use manual exfoliants while on low dose Accutane? I know it's generally not advised, but if the person is generally reacting well to... READ MORE

Will I Age Faster if I Use Accutane?

I'm a 26 years old girl and i am considering using Accutane for my acne. i don't have very severe acne but i have almost all the time 1 to 3 painful... READ MORE

Does Accutane Make Your Skin Peel?

I'm a 15 yr old female and I'm currently taking accutane 20mg per day. This is my second week and I am having dry lips, but that's expected. What I've... READ MORE

Post Accutane - Skin Looks Dehydrated

I am 5 months post accutane and have dry skin on my face. It looks as if it needs to peel i.e. the outer layer looks dehydrated. It also has a slight... READ MORE

2 weeks post op of Accutane, my face has gone terrible dry and flaky. What is the best moisturizer for sensitive skin?

I started Accutane about two weeks ago and my face has gone terribly dry and flaky. Now whenever I put lotion or foundation my face starts to sting... READ MORE

Side Effects of Accutane. Normal?

I used accutane for around half a year,20mg each day.My skin started to clear up and but then i noticed some side effects like irritated skin,hair... READ MORE

Can You Suggest Some Good Moisturizer, Sunscreen and Foundation for 1 Month Post Accutane.

Hello doctors, thanks for your replies, but i want to know can you suggest some good moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation for 1 month post accutane.... READ MORE

Why Are the Backs of my Hands Scaly After Taking Accutane for One Month?

I started taking accutane for about 1 week before I started to see this dry patch on my knuckle. Then it stared to appear all over both of my hands,... READ MORE

Dry Lips After Using Roaccutane, Suggestions?

I was on roaccutane for 6 months for 50 mg a day because of acne I suffered from really bad chapping of the lips although I am only 21 and male so I... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Reverse Post Accutane Permanent Redness?

I have permanent redness on my cheeks which started few months after my acne treatment with accutane. It's been four years, and I still have it. My... READ MORE

Started Roaccutane but it got worse? (photos)

I started Roaccutane 2 weeks ago for my hormonal cystic acne that shows up like clumps under my cheeks and around my mouth. It's been 2 weeks and all... READ MORE

Delayed Dry Skin from Accutane Treatment?

I'm a 170 lb male on 80mg/day of accutane and had extremely dry skin on my first month. Now, on my second month my skin isn't even dry. Is it because... READ MORE

Can I Take Omega Fatty Acid and Vitamin E Supplements to Overcome Post Accutane Dryness?

Hello doctors, i want to know can i take Omega fatty acid and vitamin e supplements to overcome post accutane dryness READ MORE

Can I Steam my Face and Remove All the Dry Skin That Peels off with Towel?

I am taking accutane 40mg/day. My skin peels off, so I decided to steam my face everyday for 5 minutes and use baby wash cloth to remove the dry skin.... READ MORE

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