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Accutane 2nd Time Around Makes a Difference?

I have been on Accutane and after 10 months of being off of it, I started to break out again. Should I consider going on Accutane again? Or start... READ MORE

Serious Worsening of Acne when on Roaccutane- Now What? (photo)

I was on accutane (20mg and then 10mg) for 1 month. I had to stop it because of a terrible breakout with pimples and red marks covering most of my... READ MORE

I'm 22 yr old female, 140 lbs, & been on Accutane for 5 months and it's getting worse. Any suggestions? (photos)

Started with 20 mg + antibiotics and steroids. This past month they up'ed my dosage to 40 mg a day and it seems that my back and chest has only... READ MORE

Can I take Augmentin and Accutane 20mg together?

I've had this infection and i was prescribed with Augmentin while I am on Accutane. Can I take them together? Will anything go wrong? READ MORE

How to deal with persistent acne? What to do when Accutane fails?

I'm 25 and I already did 3 full courses of Accutane and the acne always came back. My last course was when I was 18. I tried many antibiotics and... READ MORE

Under the skin nodules after Accutane?

When I first stared accutane I had a bad flare up with lots of nodules/cysts, my derm put me on prednisone and antibiotcs for 1 mouth , now 90% of my... READ MORE

At a loss what to do after Accutane failed 3 times. Any suggestions?

I'm 23 years old and have had acne on my whole face chest and back since I was 15. Ive been on ever antibiotic, topical you can think of and Accutane... READ MORE

On Accutane after a serieos reaction on cheeks due to dexona. Will Accutane help? (photo)

Iam suffered from serieos reaction due to dexona,on my cheeks and after nothing happened on having 1 month course of normal antibiotics and topical... READ MORE

Is Roaccutane the only option left for me? I have rosacea (Photo)

I got this acnes from a year ago only in my face, My dermotologist prescribed me Epiduo, Dufferin , Any kind of antibiotic , but non of the helps.... READ MORE

I'm a teenage girl and had very severe acne for a year or two. Acne After Accutane?

Im a teenage girl and had very severe acne for a year or two, I went on accutane for 6 months and had clear skin for around 3 months, now im starting... READ MORE

How long is isotretinoin treatment? Others had it for 6 months and other people took it less than that. I have 2 dermatologist

My 1st doctor in the Philippines suggested me to take isotretinoid for 5-6 months, we tried antibiotics from 2012 until 2014 but it didnt work. so she... READ MORE

I have been off Accutane for about 3 months now and my face is breaking out (worse than before). What should I do?

I have been off of accutane for 3 months and my face is right back to where it was before accutane, if not worse. Right now it is at its worse it has... READ MORE

Accutane causing symptoms or anxiety. Is this just anxiety or am I having an anaphylactic reaction?

I have just started a course of accutane at 20mg a day (I'm an 85kg male). I've been incredibly anxious about my skin of late, as I'm coming off the... READ MORE

Should I take Accutane? (photos)

Is my acne cystic / bad enough for accutane? I've had acne for 5-6 yrs, taken 5-6 diff antibiotics, lots of creams, birth controls, spironolactone.... READ MORE

I just got operated and I can't continue on with Accutane. Will all my efforts towards my skin go in vain?

So I got operated from a fistula and my doctor prescribed a lot of strong antibiotics. I read a lot on accutane and I stopped taking it before... READ MORE

Second month of isotretinoin. Bad breakouts and no dryness. Is the treatment working?

I am on my second month of isotretinion.i am not having any dryness. i did get a little dry on 1 or 2nd week but now i am completely normal. i am... READ MORE

Is Accutane okay to use if I only have mild acne?

I have tried all topical treatments like antibiotic creams and Retin-a which have not made any difference to my skin even using for 3 months at a... READ MORE

What after curacne (Accutane)?

Hello Doctors, This week I stopped taking curacne after using for 6.5 months, I wanted to take 150/kg dosage but now I have to take antibacterial... READ MORE

Does Accutane cure recurring folliculitis?

17yrsold been on all typs of antibiotic and creams and every over Da counter acne meds soaps creams topicals Alcohols Went 2derms docs ERs specialist... READ MORE

Time for Accutane? (photos)

I have had acne on /off for about 6 years, never severe up until now (i think mod/severe?). I'm 21, my acne's gotten worse in past 6 months. I've been... READ MORE

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