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The TCA chemical peel uses trichloroacetic acid to dry the top layers of skin so they peel off over a period of several days. The treatment is used to reduce discoloration, improve melasma, and reduce fine lines. LEARN MORE ›

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I have recently received a TCA peel to help with my acne scarring and skin discoloration. I do not have full results yet, but I can tell you about my process so far. On a scale of 1-10 the pain was about a 7. It is uncomfortable, but a pro to it is the discomfort lasts maybe about 2 minutes.... READ MORE

I am writing to review the TCA CROSS method for acne scars, which I performed on myself at home using 50% TCA initially then switching to 80% TCA that I purchased online. I should note that at this point my scars are very minor having previously had laser and also dermarolling at home but they... READ MORE

Ever since I can remember I had light freckles that I always tried to conceal with makeup. I have been looking into doing a chemical peel for over a year now. I decided to go big or go home and do a 25% tca peel. The freckles are faded Immensely if not eliminated. Just waiting for redness to... READ MORE

I got a great deal on microderm, acne laser revision, and the TCA peels, 6 for 300$ Jennie at the skin station is wonderful. The peel is her own specially formulated by pharmacist for her salon, it's an orange colored peel. Mostly I think because it let her see where she has applied it. It burns... READ MORE

I have yet to go but I'm a bit nervous. Though I have contacted the facility and was advised and given extensive information on top of my constant research I feel that it's worth the try. I have suffered from acne ny whole life I am now 27yrs old. I have had facial acne scarring since I was a... READ MORE

GOAL: My primary goal of this process is to fix the texture of my skin that was damaged from the ProFractional with MicroLaserPeel laser I had 3 years ago when I was only 23 years old. My secondary goal is to fix the acne scarring. THE SYNOPSIS ABOUT LASER DAMAGE: The dermatologist who did my... READ MORE

I am scheduled for a tuck up (see my face lift review) and decided to go for the chemical peel while I am under, which I had opted out of when Dr. Winslow did my face lift last year. I had skipped it because I was not ready to give up tanning. Tanning would destroy the results of the TCA peel.... READ MORE

I am 53 years old and had a 35% TCA peel to help remove age spots/sun damage. I am on day 8 and am very happy so far with the results. I should be completely peeled within the next day or two. Looking back I am glad I had a dermatologist do the procedure for several reasons: being given a... READ MORE

Well hi im Toni ive had acne for 14 years i suffer with oily skin too. Ive been to the doctors been prescribed creams, lotions, the pill alsorts. ive also bought every face wash under the sun! Although now my acne isnt as sever as it once was, i still suffer from loads of clogged pores spots... READ MORE

I purchased skin obsessions 25% TCA Peel and performed the peel on my face, chest, back and stomach in series. I followed the directions it came with for 3-5 mins for the face and two application's of 10 mins each for the body. I only removed the product from the spots that frosted before the... READ MORE

I'm almost 42, have 2 awesome little people and have gone thru quite a few changes in the past 3 years becoming a mom and moving across country time and again. I spent a LOT of years living in the sun... and now I'm doing everything to un-do the damage. I was excited and really scared of the... READ MORE

I have been geting peels done for the past 4 year so I new the score when they say you need a week or two to recover. I had worked up from 25% to 40% due to the deep scars, WOULDENT RECOMEND DOING IT ON YOUR OWN. the frosting was instant then the burning fow two min the neutralized it. Well I... READ MORE

I have had peels before and after cost and time 4 months pass and a 1000 to get tto the 30% level and results. I have never had any discomfort and had them all done at the spa. This year I decided after reading several online blogs and watching youtube videos well I felt " I can do this" ;) !... READ MORE

30 mins ago I applied 25% tca peel. It stung badly but this wore off after 5 minutes. My skin didn't frost after the first layer so after 10 minutes I applied a second layer. After 10 minutes my entire face frosted. I then washed this off with water and applied a thick layer of moisturiser... READ MORE

I Use To Have Clear Skin, Breakouts Every Now And Then Especially When It's "that time of the month" but my skin began to get extremely bad when i became pregnant afterwards i got ugly breakouts and my face started getting dark marks and deep scarring. I plan on using a 15% tca peel on my face i... READ MORE

I applied 80 percent to my right knee and 35 percent to my left knee on august 1st 2014. I am brown complexion of African American decent. I had frosting but im not sure if its scarred yet, so since my knees are darker and I used this area as a testing spot will it take longer to peel or have I... READ MORE

After researching TCA peels and getting familiar all of the precautions, I decided to try my own. Amazon has a wide selection of chemical peels. Homwever, a 25% TCA is about the strongest peel someone should ever try at home. I used Retin-A for a few months before the peel, which I read was... READ MORE

I prepared my skin for a year with Retin-a and and 6 months alternating with a properly pH balanced AHA serum. In the past, I've had professional glycolic peels and microdermabrasion at hundreds of dollars. None have produced the results that the 25% at home TCA peel I did on myself have,... READ MORE

I bought tca 50% tca i applied the 1st application 5/6/14 first peel i seen some parts of the tattoo where gone just did my 2nd peel 5/1/14 n i think i burn myself although i can tolerate the burning (it's not that bad at all) i might had left it on n applied much more then i should had i see... READ MORE

I used a 25% TCA peel on my eyebrows. I have a tattoo eyebrows that im not happy with so I thought I would try TCA to fade it before I got it re-done. First of all the 25% TCA peel is lighter than I expected, all I got from it was a slight stinging sensation which I felt was comfortable and... READ MORE

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