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Deep acne scars on 30yr old Male

Since the age of 16 I've developed acne and have been treating them however wasn't consistent in taking medicines and following a healthy diet. Now I'm 30, and have deep acne scars with one or two acne popping in 2 weeks of time. I've undergone co2 and peeling along with oral medicines and... READ MORE

TCA/Lactic Acid 17 1/2% Peel with Microdermabrasion

I want to tighten the fine lines on my face. On 11/2/2016 I had endoscopic brow with 2 revisions at 5 and 6 months, facelift, neck lift, fat transfer to cheeks, marionette and nasolabial lines, 11's and horizontal lines between my eyebrows, laser around mouth and tweek to my crooked nose tip.... READ MORE

Best experience ever

Dr. Patel did a 35% TCA peel under my eyes one week ago and I am absolutely thrilled. I am 41 and have stopped responding to Botox under my eyes and was deeply concerned about the lines under my eyes and how to address them. Dr. Patel explained the procedure in detail and what to expect in the... READ MORE

Tca Undereye Peel - Nashville, TN

TCA was applied about 6 days ago for undereye wrinkles that have worsened with Trentonin application and derma rolling. Application was done with 35% tca on a a q-tip, 2 passes over area. It's still red and a little swollen but it's plain to see the fine lines under the main wrinkle are gone.... READ MORE

TCA Cross failure

I have done my tca cross(100%) at home 3months ago and until now my face became worst and I don't know what to do. Seems like it burns my skin and cannot recover. Please help me I need a solution.. :( READ MORE

TCA and Jessner Peels Improved my Ance-scarred Skin

I've been doing TCA peels since 2010, and I have seen significant improvements in my skin. I apply the peels myself at home. I started with a series of 6 monthly 15% TCA and Jessner peels. It significantly helped diminish my deep acne scars, some red marks, cleared out my pores, reduced my skins... READ MORE

24% TCA Home Peel

I have been displeased with how dry and wrinkled ( creapy my skin has started to look in the last few years ) I have tried alsorts of creams but it always felt like I just need to take a few layers off. I was starting to get dark age spots and I'm not even 40 yet. This is unexceptable. I tried... READ MORE

Starting TCA Cross

Take a look at the photographs, and you'll the see the problem: My face -- and especially my nose -- looks like a bulletin board that's had too many thumb tacks pushed into it over the years. I bought the TCA Scar kit from Platinum Skin Care, and have just started to apply the 15%... READ MORE

Wanted to Look Fresher - Sydney, AU

I'm a 57 year old women who's youngest daughter is getting married and I wanted to look fresh but didn't want surgery. I thought the pain was bearable and the whole procedure was over after 45 minutes. The hardest part for me was staying in doors for 2 weeks, but I think it was well worth it. I... READ MORE

Best Jesner TCA Peel EVER!!! - Austin, TX

Visit Beau Visage in Austin and ask for Micah! She is a medical esthetian and can go beyond what the other regular spa esthetians can not do because she has trained under Dr. Anthony Bittar in Austin. She is professional, kind, patient, and listens to your needs. She adjusts the treatment to... READ MORE

Burn from Tca Peel - Tampa, FL

I was stupid enough to burn myself with 50% tca and these are the scars it left. Will it ever go away? The skin never blistered. It just scabbed over the next few days and when that came off I had this. Unfortunately I made it worse by putting mederma on it which turns out I'm allergic to it. So... READ MORE

12.5 Percent TCA Peel

I have some fine lines under my eyes from years of smoking and a few wrinkles i wanted to make less noticeable. I am Very disappointed, went to Modesto Dermatology. I talk to the doctor for like less than a minute and they had some girl do my peel that was jumpy, really worried about burning my... READ MORE

20% Tca Peel. 35 Year Old Female - Plymouth, GB

I have a big issue with fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. The same surgeon who performed my rhinoplasty suggested the tca peel rather than the surgery options I was looking into. He said the peel will reduce the lines and hopefully get rid of the sun spots that I have. Peel was done... READ MORE

Does TCA Work on Scars & Why Isn't It Covered Under Bluecross/blueshield Medicare Advantage?

Hi, I am a 50 year old African American with smooth dark spots left from chicken pox that I had when I was 10. Throughout the years I have worn long sleeves even in the summer. I also have genetic disorder called trimethylaminuria, which worsened leaving me with a hideous smell, where keeping a... READ MORE

34 Years Old , Brazilian - Utah, UT

I have tried many many things for my acne scars , which aren't the worst but they are there , at first it felt like my skin was improving then , nothing ! Derma pen , ematrix etc. I didn't like the ematrix at all , the derma pen I like for cleaning my skin and such but not for my scars , since... READ MORE

50yo Sun Worshipper Got 35% TCA Peel and Erased Sins of the Past - THRILLED w/Result and w/Dr. Catherine Winslow, Carmel IN

I am scheduled for a tuck up (see my face lift review) and decided to go for the chemical peel while I am under, which I had opted out of when Dr. Winslow did my face lift last year. I had skipped it because I was not ready to give up tanning. Tanning would destroy the results of the TCA peel.... READ MORE

Tca Prep on Shins for Hyper Pigmentation

So this weekend I'm going to fix some very dark hyper pigmentation on my legs from my hockey days. I'm not too worried but this is more a test before I try it on the scars on my face. I want to tests strengths on a place that I'm not too worried about. I'm trying it at 20%. Hopefully that'll be... READ MORE

53 Yrs Old Female Scares on Arms Bought 100% TCA at Home Note Work in Medical Field.

I Had scars on arms bought 100% TCA did a 35% peel on one arm and a 25% on the hand since the hand skin is much thinner then the skin on your arm. Washed skin before and used a skin peel brush bought on line with the 100% TCA diluted with saline making sure not to over lap brush strokes, I did... READ MORE

24 - bombay, uk

First i would warn everyone..plz plzz nvr ever go for a tca 100% try 50%instead..or otherwise you will ruin your face like me..i did a 100%..on a very tiny hole..nd it made it a very very big scar..i m totaly heartbroken..plzz its my humble rqst..dont do it..i know you want to get rid of your... READ MORE

25% TCA Peel Done at Home

Hi, I recently turned 40 and decided to more aggressively treat some changes in my skin, my pores are larger, I have a few dark spots ( I have always enjoyed sunshine) uneven skin tone, clogged pores (small black heads) and extra oily T-zone with dry patches on cheeks. I have done... READ MORE

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