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51 Year Old Wants Her Face to Match Her Sunny Outlook - Wayne, NJ

I'm generally a very positive, energetic person. I'm a retired makeup artist (head of training for a luxe cosmetic company), so I've personally seen thousands of women's faces and many of them shared their experiences of plastic surgery with me. I've never been opposed to that kind of thing. I... READ MORE

59 Yrs, SMAS Facelift and Neck Lift with Local Anesthesia

About me: I have been on RS for several years now, read and researched and asked questions, looked at many before and after photos, followed many surgeries and the healing process, and even videos of the procedure (ew!!). I don't believe there is ever "too much information" lol. In 2014, I... READ MORE

Best decision to chose Dr Oelbrandt for facelift

I have felt very self conscious of my neck for years. I covered it with my hands subconsciously stopping anyone looking at my profile and jowls and I was looking old for 57. I researched surgeons for a year and chose Dr O as his reviews were excellent and prices good value. I saw him twice in... READ MORE

61, Saggy Neck and Beginning Weird Jowls. - Tucson, AZ

I had been thinking about having this procedure done for about two years. Five years my husband died. Well, forget the grusome details but I feel like I aged 20-years in a year. One of the things I've always like about myself was my neck (hey, it's hard enough to find something on your body you... READ MORE

62 y/o SMAS and Platysmaplasty

Did you ever look in the mirror and ask yourself "who's that?" I've been do it for a few years now, and the last 6 months or so, that person's been looking back at me and screaming for help!! I finally did it...a SMAS facelift and platysmal band correction. I was looking much older than I feel,... READ MORE

Wanting to get my kids through high school without anyone asking why their grandma came to pick them up!

I have researched and perused hundreds of facelift pictures and reviews. Dr. Bitner's always look so natural. Plus he was honest with me when I contacted him years ago and he said I didn't need it yet! A little history on me - I always looked young for my age... Until I went through surgical... READ MORE

My 60th Birthday Gift for Myself - Thank You FaceLift Mexico!

It started from my always tired-looking eyes. I hated having heavy lids because they made me look many years older! My face didn't match my energy and youthful and active lifestyle. My first consultation about my eyelids made me realize that addressing only this area would not change my... READ MORE

Amazing from beginning to end! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

55 years young ;) Obviously when we are considering having plastic surgery (especially to our face) we want to have confidence in the doctor that we choose. I consulted with 5 plastic surgeons before choosing Dr. Thomassen. After talking with each suregon and reviewing their work; my only... READ MORE

55 Year Old Neck Lift Facelift Face Lift SMAS

Dr. Quiroz at Cosmed did my procedure, had already had him do a tummy tuck and breast reduction and was very happy with results so put my face in his hands and was glad I did, me and my hubby had the same procedure done and stayed at Recovery Hotel for a week, both are extremely happy with... READ MORE

58 and Can't Stand my Neck and Jowls. Aliso Viejo, CA

I never considered ever having a facelift before I started reading all the reviews on Real Self. So, let me thank all of you now for giving me the courage to go through with this. I've scheduled my SMAS ON 9-10-15. Thats all I'm having done, no laser, no eye lift…(not that i don't need all of t... READ MORE

50 Yr old just had Facelift, Neck Lift, Fat Transfer and Active FX Laser-- very happy

My 50 year old saggy neck and jowls and had been bothering me for a while and I knew it was beyond anything ultherapy or Botox could correct and that surgery was my only option. My search for a plastic surgeon was about a two year process. I really ad countless reviews on different plastic... READ MORE

SMAS Lift, Upper Blepharopasty, and Fat Transfer - Aliso Viejo, CA

Today is the day. I go in at 10 am for my procedures. I have been researching, reading, and researching so more for about 2 years now. I consulted with 6 top OC plastic surgeons and have decided to go with Dr Timothy Miller of Aliso Viejo, Ca. Double board certified in plastics, and he ONLY... READ MORE

Jury is Still out on my SMAS Face and Neck Lift, Early Days!

I have been reading reviews on this site for well over a year. After chickening out several times I decided to just go for it. I had only been reviewing MACS lifts so I don't quite know how I agreed to having a full face and neck lift performed. I'm in my mid forties and it was my double chin... READ MORE

See picture

Picture.. should say it all. Don't think about it. All fixed now.. to great expense but this is HIS WORK. DrMac needed to do a procedure ($) and I was looking for a timeline. We rushed-- he overcommitted and WAY under delivered. I've had his work redone -- mostly on the right side of face. ... READ MORE

62 Yr. Old SMAS Face Lift / Neck Lift 3 Months Post Op.

DR. KERR is PHENOMENAL!!! I'm "Over The Moon" with my results! My Friends are in awe of how Natural my face Looks, like nothing happened, BUT, I Look 15 years younger, and with how Fast my recovery went in 3 months. Dr. Kerr is truely, a gifted surgeon and a Perfectionist in his work. He has... READ MORE

Wanted Symmetry

Dr. Peyer Troung performed a SMAS cheeklift and necklift on your humble 64 year old. I liked that he used IV sedation. I liked that he specialized in faces only. His articles on his website impressed me. He has a quiet and pleasant personality. Although I am only one month out, I am very... READ MORE

43 Year Old Busy Mom Looking for a Refreshing Look

I am scheduled for a SMAS (mini) facelift in two days. I am a little nervous for the general anesthesia and the aftermath surgery pain. However, I am excited, too. My goal is to lift the lower and mid face. I am starting to look like my mother! I don't care about looking 25 again. I just want a... READ MORE

I Would Do It Again Facelift and Necklift Smass,49 Y.old

I was recently in Forme clinic for facelift and necklift surgery. The doctor Vasek is the one who performed surgey on me. I was happy with the result, no pain , and hardly any bruising. In two weeks I will be ready for work. It is possible that I might have to wait three weeks before i can... READ MORE

Look No Further! - Scottsdale, AZ

I had a SMAS Faceift with lateral brow lift. From consult, to pe op to post op, Dr. Shapiro was nothing short of amazing! This Dr. Is all in when it comes to the whole procedure and your well being. From professionalism to his big heart, he is bar none the "BEST" in the field. I wouldn't trust... READ MORE

First Facelift at 53 - Costa Rica, CR

I decided to go to Costa Rica for upper blepharoplasty and face lift. I've been there a couple of times for some dental work and blepharoplasty 7 years ago. This time I am ready for a big step especially there are so many great reviews for Dr. Lev on this site. I had a preop consultation with Dr... READ MORE

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