Swelling After SMAS Facelift

Had smas lift and jowls are still swollen after 4 weeks post up. Also had fat injections. This is the second one - had a mid face lift 2 years ago.

How long does swelling usually last after a SMAS facelift?

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Jowls after face lift

Something doesn't sound right to me. You should not have jowls after a face lift. I think a trip back to your doctor with a frank discussion is in order.

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Swelling After SMAS Facelift

Swelling, bruising is mostly gone by two weeks; usually patients need pain medications no longer than 2 -3 days postoperatively. I always apply a dressing to my patients faces to protect the entire area where the incisions have been made and ask them to sleep in "half sitting" position.
The recovery depends a great deal on patients health and reaction of his body to the surgery; on the specific surgical techniques employed during the procedure; that's why the range can vary from 2 to 7 weeks.
Hope, this will help..

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Swelling after facelift

Swelling after a SMAS facelift can last 14 days on average.  There are some patients who take 10 days to recover from a lift and there are others that can take 20 days.  Usually, older patients (over age 60) tend to swell and bruise more as do patients with larger heads or fuller faces (since there's more facial tissue).  Fat grafting or addition of a facial implant increases the swelling, in general, by 7-10 days.  Still having swelling 4 weeks after your facelift is within what most surgeons would consider normal for the type of procedure you had. 

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Swelling after facelift

Thank you for your question for sharing your concerns with us. Swelling in the tissues will return to normal as time passes by. Between the first and second week, much of your swelling and bruising will dissipate. It may take more than a month or two for your tissues to fully soften and any residual swelling to resolve. Lymphatic massage maybe an option to help clear the swelling and firmness at a faster pace. I would make sure that you continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon during this period of time.

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Swelling after a SMAS Lift

Swelling after a SMAS lift can last for several weeks. Having facial fat injections at the same time, the swelling can be more dramatic and take longer to resolve. By 4 weeks, you should expect most of the swelling to resolve. If you are still concerned, it would be good to see your surgeon for follow-up evaluation. Good luck.

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
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Swelling after ASMAS face left

 It is normal to have swelling after a facelift and fat injections, since it's only been 4 weeks since the surgery. Full healing will take 3-4 months before all the swelling has subsided. For many examples and more information, please see the link below to our facelift  photo gallery

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Swelling after SMAS facelift and fat injections

Thank you for the photos. You are too early to make any statements about long term results. There will be swelling, but one has to also look for fluid accumulation, etc. Best to inform your surgeon about your concerns. Together you will make a plan to get through the post operative course.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
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Expect more swelling when fat injections and a facelift are done together

At 4 weeks out you are still early in the healing phase. While the majority of swelling from a SMAS facelift is gone by 2 weeks additional swelling can persist for up to 6 months.

The addition of fat injections to a facelift procedure will only increase the swelling. This is one reason why I do the fat injections in stages - makes for less swelling and helps the fat survive better.

You also had a history of previous surgery and this will result in more swelling as well due to the old scar tissue and changes in lymphatic drainage.

Hang in there, with more time you will start to see nice improvements!

Dr. J

Kamran Jafri, MD
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Swelling Varies following SMAS Facelift

Swelling and Numbness Normal after SMAS Facelift
The symptoms of swelling and numbness are not only normal but expected after the first several weeks following a facelift of any sort including a SMAS lift. Most resolves in 2-3 weeks but several weeks are necessary for the rest to go away. It makes sense that structures lower on the face (jowls, upper neck) may have longer swelling than areas higher such as the upper cheek.
Patients should expect swelling, discoloration, and bruising of the skin for several weeks following a SMAS  face lift. 

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Swelling Following SMAS Facelift

Four weeks following a facelift is a pretty short amount of time.  Most of the swelling should be gone by about six weeks after the surgery, but it may last for several months.  You may find that the swelling will persist even longer in the areas that were treated with fat grafting.

Michael Sundine, MD
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