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Restylane is a collection of injectable fillers used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles, smooth marionette lines around the mouth, and plump the lips. Restylane fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Results typically last between three to six months. LEARN MORE โ€บ

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I thought i was being ripped off! 2 little 4 2 much money! READ MORE

Restylane Gave Me the Lips of my Dreams

I had gotten Botox and Restylane at the same time last month โ€“ Botox in my forehead and Restylane in my lips with a tiny bit also in my nasal lines. I love the results of each but together they are amazing! For Restylane: I wanted most of it in my lips because this is my real problem area. I... READ MORE

Did Not Like It at All!!

I went to a spa in Tacoma and had a real bad experience.I tried botox and love it and I thought I'd try restylane . Well I thought I would like a fuller upper lip. and after I was done I looked like a duck . everyone at worked had a nick name for me duck girl . I would tried rubbing my upper... READ MORE

Not As Happy As I Was with Botox

I got Restylane done during the same procedure in which I got Botox. I was told it would take up to 2 weeks to see the full results, so I wanted to give it a chance before leaving my review. I got this done at a dermatologist's office to soften my nasolabial folds. They smeared the numbing... READ MORE

A Few Minor Complications, but Fixable....wonderful Results, Doesn't Last As Long As Hoped.

I saw a special two-for-one deal with a Medspa, and so jumped at the chance to get 2 syringes of Restylane done. I am 34, and within the past 5 years I have been steadily getting nasolabial folds that make me feel much older than I want to. I have also, all my life, wished I had thicker lips... READ MORE

Wish It Lasted Longer, Love the Results

I have had Restylane injected many times over the past 4 years. I started in mouth to nose lines and corners of my mouth and moved to my lips. The problem is that it did not last very long...four months at the most. I switched this year to Radiesse in those areas and have greater success in... READ MORE

Resty โ€“ You Get What You Pay for and Nothing More

At 24 Iโ€™ve tried โ€“ or will try โ€“ most of the fillers out there. I have congenital hollowing in my face that is only correctable with fillers. First I tried Resty. This was four or five years ago by now and they might have improved it since then, I donโ€™t know. With Resty it was pretty cheap s... READ MORE

Worth It--I Feel Great! - New York

It is only one day after my treatment, but I am pleased with the results. I have been really lucky in how I'm aging overall, but the nasolabial folds around my mouth were starting to come in. I decided to try Restylane to even out my face since it is virtually wrinkle-free everywhere else. ... READ MORE

I had restylane injected into my lips a year ago. - Restylane Nightmare - California, CA

I had restylane injected into my lips a year ago. My lips have not regained their normal shape, and the restylane made my lips look distorted. I much preferred the natural shape of my lips pre-restylane and I deeply regret having had this procedure done. I have recently learned from a plastic... READ MORE

Don't Do Restylane

Left me lumpy and swollen for awhile after the swelling diminshed the lumps stayed. Awful waste of money READ MORE

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