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Restylane is a collection of injectable fillers used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles, smooth marionette lines around the mouth, and plump the lips. Restylane fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Results typically last between three to six months. LEARN MORE ›

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Minimal Results

I had Restylane along the NL folds and had minimal results. I also had a wrinkle above my top lip when I smiled that they injected Restylane injected into. It had a very lumpy appearance for over 6 months. It is still lumpy to touch, but the wrinkle is not there when I smile. I do have to... READ MORE

Love IT !

I just had my top lip injected 3 days ago! As soon as I got into the car I could not stop looking into the mirror! I only had my top lip I had 1 1/2 syringe. They saved the rest for me to go back next week to fill in if I want more. I have had so many comments I just love it. It did hurt... READ MORE

Loved the Results, Not Sure if I Would Do It Again Though.

I had Restylane injected under my eyes 2 years ago to fill in my under eye hollows. The doctor who injected the Restylane did a wonderful job. I had no bruising and it looked very natural. My friends couldn't tell I had anything done but they all told me I looked well rested. Restylane... READ MORE

Loved the Results, Worth Every Penny, Was Numbed Before Procedure, No Pain at All

I have wanted fuller lips for a long time now, i'm 49 and lost my youthful looking lips.I finnaly got the courage and set up an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon. I came on this site and read a lot of discouraging comments, which scared me but I had the procedure, and it was... READ MORE

Hate It..huge Lumps and Very Un-even Massive Swelling.

Oh boy...Where do even begin with this horror story????? So I had Resty done about 2 months was fine just a lil lumpy and un- even in the beginning...then it went down it was looking ok...just ok. so about 2 weeks later I started seeing these 2 pea sized lumps and the middle of my... READ MORE

A Waste of my Money!

I had Restylane done when we moved and they didn't do Artecoll.There was no anesthetic used and the serum burn and stung like crazy and tears came to my eyes and I was white-knuckled and had to do the deep breathing like in labor it hurt so bad!It bled alot too and dripped down my chin and there... READ MORE

Absolutely Worked for Me

At 49 my face is really beginning to show signs of aging. The lines from my nose to my mouth, and even below my mouth were really bugging me. I made an appointment to see a recommended plastic surgeon for Restylane. He spent about 10 minutes evaluating my face and then said he thought I was... READ MORE

10 Days- I Look Like a Duck

Unless you live in Vegas and are over 50 years old-I DO NOT recommend restylane in your lips. I wanted shapelier lips, but I did not count on the protusion of my lips when looking at my profile. The results are tacky. If you have even the slightest overbite, don't do it. If you don't mind... READ MORE

Have Done It Twice over the Past 7 Years -- LOVE IT!!

In my mid-thirties I had lost a significant amount of weight and although I was left with a healthier, fitter physique I also had deep laugh lines. The restylane completely erased those deep lines and has lasted 3 to 4 years each time. Some of the best spent money (other than joining a gym and... READ MORE

Disappointed with the Results

After contemplating collagen versus Restylane, my doctor recommended Restylane as it is safer. I was so looking forward to having the wrinkles/creases down my chin area to be gone. Well, I don't see any difference.....other than several very visible bumps under the skin and both sides of my... READ MORE

Love It... Hope It Stays

I am 24 years old and had Restylane in my lips 3 days ago. I love it. I can't stop looking in the mirror. I never really knew how much it would make a difference. Wow. I was completley numbed. They gave me a dental block and I felt nothing. It was amazing. READ MORE


I had restylane injected into acne scars on my face. Oh my god! One of the happiest days of my life. That may sound silly, but after walking around with awful scars and *hating* my appearance, I was just thrilled with the results. Results lasted about 6 months. Can't wait to do it again!!! ... READ MORE

Had Some Uneven Bumps but Like the Results

I have had Restylane injections done twice and I have always liked the results. I had my NL folds and my upper lip done both times. The results don't seem to last for 6 months though. I had only had two problems with Restylane. There were noticeable lumps in my the folds and my lips. Not... READ MORE

What a Bunch of Crap

Cost 640. I actually had the perlane first, which ws gone right quick. came back and complained, and they did it one more time, this time with restylane. again. gone so quick. what a waste of money. and they wont redo, or refund any money, even tho they said it would last about 12 to... READ MORE

Loved the Results - Didn't Last Long

I loved the results, but the nasal lines returned within 4 weeks. Still have a little pout to the bottom lip. Pain was minimal. Had a little bruising to the left side, but I think it was becasue I jerked when she made the injection. Will admit I was scared, and a bit nervous. I'll know what... READ MORE

I got restylane in the small lines in above my upper lip. - Love It! - Pensacola, FL

I got restylane in the small lines in above my upper lip and in the small lines/folds under my eyes. I have been pleased with the results. I had the procedure about 4 days ago. I was not told by my provider before the procedure to not use aspirin or drink alcohol 1-2 weeks before so I did and I... READ MORE

LOVE the Look, The Most Painful Experience!

I wanted fuller lips because as we age, they seem to get slimmer. Oh my gosh...I did not realize the pain that would be involved in the process - they even numbed me! I could barely touch my lips for 3-4 days and had a really hard time working the product in to your lip a suggested. The... READ MORE

Good Results but Dont Use in Combination with Botox - Stamford, CT

Restylane did a good jobe of filling in my wrinkles. One visit I had Botox injected into the furrows between by eyes, followed by Restylane. The combination of the two created a horrific reaction. I experienced a burning almost scalding senstion that went from the injection sight all the... READ MORE

Restylane Great at First but Left White Bumps All over a Year Later - Virginia Beach

The same thing happened to me. I received injections for few years and finally did my eye hollows and cheeks. I loved the results at first but it ruined the texture if my skin, looks like white heads allover they do not go away the skin under my eyes looks ten years older. I can tell it's... READ MORE

Miserable Experience - San Jose, CA

I have had Restylane injections periodically from 2004-2006 with varying results. At first I only had the NL folds and marionettes injected and it looked very good. But here is what eventually happens: I now have permanent needle marks along the NL folds where it has been injected and... READ MORE

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