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Restylane is an FDA-approved collection of injectable fillers used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles, smooth marionette lines around the mouth, and plump the lips. Restylane fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Results typically last between three to six months. LEARN MORE ›

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I went to Dr. Eviatar's office primarily for my sunken, eye circles. He recommended that we use Restylyne since it lasts a long time and is perfect for the delicate, thin skin in this area. They applied a numbing cream and applied ice while performing the procedure. He was very gentle and... READ MORE

My usual RN had the day off and I needed a quick appointment so I saw Johnna Millen under the recommendation of the receptionist. I'm so happy I did! She was wonderful! Knowledgeable and friendly, professional and kind. I'm so happy Naficy's has so many great cosmetic providers. Restylane... READ MORE

My tear troughs had been a point of contention for me every morning for a little more than a year. My first consultation was with a provider who was very dismissive and advised me that there was nothing I could do about it. I gave up for a few months and started researching again and decided to... READ MORE

I came in feeling down and depressed with no self- confidence. Just feeling ugly! The Dr took the time to sit and speak with me, she was very compassionate and understanding. Because finances were a concern, she never gave me choices that didnt make sense for my budget, nor did she make me feel... READ MORE

I sort of stumbled upon this doctor he was down the hall from my PCP. I then looked him up on Yelp and he had great reviews everywhere. They scheduled me within a week of my phone call. I checked out there Facebook and they had a special which gave me a free area of Dysport in my case my 11's.... READ MORE

I've always been taking a good care of my skin but lately felt that a little more was needed. My cheeks started looking hollow and saggy and that "11" mark between my eyebrows drove me insane. But I still wanted to look natural, not made up and didn't want anyone confusing me with my daughter's... READ MORE

No matter how much sleep I would get, I still looked extremely tired due to the hollowness under my eyes. My eyes always looked sunken in no matter how much concealer/ remedies I would try. Lynn did an amazing job filling under my eyes with restylane. Pros: Results were amazing, gave me a more... READ MORE

I had Restylane under my eyes. Didn't work. After 4 days my eyes look the same. Nobody noticed anything. Now, I'm experience a weird headache on my left eye. I fell weird my left eye. Besides after the procedure, my left eye developed a blood vessel. I don't know if it's related to the treatment... READ MORE

I needed some serious filler under my eyes, and Restylane was the recommended product of choice. With a small amount of anesthetic, 1 syringe of Restylane was carefully injected into the troughs beneath my lower lids. Not painful at all because of the care of my skilled doctor. The effects... READ MORE

Dr. Chesnut recently augmented the hollow area under my eyes with restylane, as well as juvederm and botox. I cannot believe how painless this was- especially for an area so sensitive! He and his nurse were fantastic! Dr. Chesnut explained everything in complete detail and I was at ease... READ MORE

Amazing! I had rhinoplasty several years ago and feel one side of my nose sinks in. Dr. Chung helps to contour my nose with filler. She doesn't overdo it or try to sell you anything! She used the remainder of the filler on my cheeks and I absolutely love it! Professional. Friendly! Highly... READ MORE

I'm a 43-yr-old mum of three and I just feel like in the last few years my features are sliding down my face. I'm getting the classic rectangular look that comes with age when gravity takes the fullness in our cheeks and sliiiiiiiides it down to form jowls. Nice haha! I've never done anything at... READ MORE

I went to my dermatologist for filler to give myself a refresher. She injected Restylane under my eyes and on my high cheekbones. I saw my facial skin pull up higher and look firmer. I looked much younger. She did some small injections of a few lines around my mouth. I had this done twice. ... READ MORE

I had under eye filler completed with Restalyne. I also had my laugh line done. Very little bruising and swelling under the eyes and none with my laugh lines. Im two days post injection and I've been out with minimum make-up. I did ice alot the first day and a few times yesterday. I... READ MORE

I booked an appointment to have a consultation for filler injection, which I have had previously but by someone else. Sandy met with me and gave me her opinion on what would be best for me. She was methodical with her placement; always stepping back to make sure everything was perfect. I had... READ MORE

I've been considering filler for about a year to help with my fairly severe under eye hollows. I felt very self-conscious, and I would hide behind my glasses. After doing my research, I chose Dr. Lattman for the procedure, and it was a wonderful experience. I wish I did it sooner! Dr.... READ MORE

I always hated my very thin lips and I did a lot of research before deciding to have lip augmentation. I came to see Dr. Kass because of the wonderful reviews he has received on so many different websites. I can’t believe how nervous I was! I had never had anything done to change my a... READ MORE

I had serious dark circle and eye bag problems since very young age. People always said to me that I looked tired while I was well rested. I came to Dr. Gordon for a consultation about Eyelid surgery. Instead, Dr. Gordon suggested me to try Restylane first. It worked really well! It's been... READ MORE

I made an initial appointment for a chemical peel and some facials leading up to my wedding. Along with some Obagi products I took home, my skin was looking really good. But, my nasal labiol folds still looked really harsh on my face and were really aging me. I realized they were what really... READ MORE

This was my second visit to Dr. Lorrie. This time she injected Restylane in the creases under my eyes to get rid of the hollowness and soften the lines. The needles were super tiny and the procedure was quick. After doing one eye, I could see the difference from the other. There were tiny... READ MORE

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