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Restylane is a transparent FDA-approved hyaluronic acid gel used to smooth facial lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. And while it might not sound all that natural, hyaluronic acid is a substance produced by the body. LEARN MORE ›

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I wanted to improve my profile my bone structure is more recited than i would like, I chose Dr. Tansavatdi because I had botox done prior to this procedure and was very comfortable, confident and trusted her with my face essentially. Dr Tansavatdi's staff could not have been sweeter to me they... READ MORE

I've been getting great fillers for years by a great doc, but unfortunately she got sick and I had to go to someone else. That was the biggest mistake I ever made. Dr. Jacono doesn't care about the way you look or what you say. He doesn't take his time nor is he a perfectionist, as he should be!... READ MORE

Subtle but wonderful decrease in under eye bags. Makes me look more alert and awake. Not the most comfortable of procedures as the skin under the eye is thinner but not horrible and worth it. Tried Xemonin for the first time too. We'll see how it compares to Botox as far as time it lasts. Love... READ MORE

I've gone to Dr. Joseph for about 10 years for fillers and Botox. I'm not ready (and may never be) for cosmetic surgery. I know I'll never pass for 50 years old again, but I know I look younger than my years. I look my very best with Dr. Joseph's help! I think it's important that patients have... READ MORE

My experience at Primera was nothing short of fantastic. I had filler in my lips with Gary, the PA. He was great! Very kind, thorough, gentle, and informative through the whole process. I couldn't be more pleased with my treatment because my lips look amazing! I now have the perfect pucker. I... READ MORE

I smoked for 20 years, though I haven't in over a year, and I've had some stress and trials over the my life. Abuse, divorce, weight fluctuations, loss of loved ones. Those things left their mark on my face. Deep under eye hollows, lined forehead, lined upper lip. Plenty of smiles though too,... READ MORE

Let me start by saying... I did my research! Dr Kapadia's reviews are what made me to drive and hour and 20min to see him. To make a long story short.. After reading all these glowing 5 star reviews, I was more than excited and confident I had the right doctor to inject my tear troughs... READ MORE

As a senior, over time my wrinkles and aging lines have become increasingly prominent. A friend told me of the Restylane product and Dr. Rottman & I decided on a consult. After a thorough discussion with the Doctor, I went ahead. Needless to say, I'm amazed by the results. My formerly ... READ MORE

Although thousands of people have wonderful results with restylane, which I have witnessed first hand, I voraciously advise that anyone who suffers from allergies/sensitivities (mast cells that sometimes misbehave) or who has preexisting silicone fillers stay well away from any hyaluronic-acid... READ MORE

(side note: the procedure was Juvederm, not Restalyne. I put Restalyne as the category because they wouldn't let me review Juvederm a second time) After getting lip injections from a doctor who left my top lip over injected and lumpy, I decided to try a dermatologist instead of a facial plastic... READ MORE

After reading rave reviews about Dr. Kotlus, I was eager to go to him for a consultation for under-eye troughs/ under eye bags. I whole heartedly agree with all the positive reviews. Dr. Kotlus was very considerate and you can tell really cares about the patient. He was very thorough in going... READ MORE

Dr. Undavia did my Resylane lip injections, and I would highly recommend him. He has great bedside manner, is very professional, and answered all of my questions. Dr. Undavia has different methods for injections based on patient preferences, and made the process easy and relatively painless. He... READ MORE

After having this procedure with Dr. Brett I can clearly say that all the other doctors I visited previously for the same treatment are not worth and they did not know exactly what they are doing. In my opinion for this specific area, it has to be a plastic surgeon and one who knows very well... READ MORE

I went to see Dr. Farber for filler in the vertical lip lines of my mouth. I had this done before by another Dr. and was not happy with the results. Dr Farber did a great job and I am so happy I decided to go to him. He is also so nice and honest with what he can and cannot do. I was very... READ MORE

I visited Dr. Kass for my yearly followup/ injection of Restylane for my eye hollows & nasal labial folds. After a brief consultation I informed him that I wanted to have the corners of my mouth upturned so I did not look like I was frowning all the time. He injected both sides of the mouth,... READ MORE

My husband and I were referred to Dr.Pearlman's team by Donna Fay, The Beauty Expert. We made an appointment to go together several weeks ago, and I had to write a review because I have been receiving so many compliments! When we booked our appointment, we were so excited to see what Dr.... READ MORE

I've also written a review for the other procedures (sculptra and dysport). The Restylane in my upper brow volumized and lifter my brows. They look younger and closer to what they were 10 years ago. The bruising lasted about 6 days but now that everything is settled it looks very smooth and... READ MORE

I got restylane in my tear troughs. I was nervous while waiting, but once we started it was like nothing. I thought i would bruise since i usually bruise so easily, but i didn't! I only had some swelling for a day & a half. I ate fresh pineapple the day of and a couple days prior to the... READ MORE

I was so unhappy with the hollow look under my eyes but I was nervous about getting under eye filler. I went to see Dr. Kapadia, we discussed the options, the procedure was quick and practically painless and I am so happy with the results! It was worth every penny. I can’t wait to get my... READ MORE

Excellent. Dr. Nakra is very professional, skilled and nice. He took the time to explain everything, answered all my questions. I had Restylane injected in my tear trough and glabella area. I'm extremely happy with the results. I look healthy again. Dr. Nakra is a true medical artist! His office... READ MORE

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