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Restylane is a transparent FDA-approved hyaluronic acid gel used to smooth facial lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. And while it might not sound all that natural, hyaluronic acid is a substance produced by the body. LEARN MORE ›

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I had my first restylane injections ten days ago in my upper lip only. I'm happy with the size of my bottom lip and just wanted to fill in my very thin upper lip to match. I wanted it to look very subtle and tasteful. My doctor and I were conservative (less than half a syringe) and after the... READ MORE

I had half a syringe of Restylane two weeks ago, this was my first time having a injectable in my lip so I decided to start out small.The procedure wasn't too painful, the only pain I had was from the local anaesthetic being was just like at the dentist. I didn't feel anything but... READ MORE

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon for a restylane injections to my lips. I have always hated my thin lips and never worn lipstick because I was far too self conscious to draw attention to them! I told the surgeon that I was very concerned about it being obvious that I'd had my lips... READ MORE

I´ve just came back from my dermatologyst office. It wasn´t painful at all. I had local anesthesia applied into my skin. (I fixed my nasogenian folds, and the circles under my eyes)  I´ve to say, I´m 32 years old, and I didn´t look that bad for start... READ MORE

My lips had always been small for my face, and seemed lacking in volume to boot. In researching how to fix this, the reviews on Restylane were polarized about how much it actually augmented, but promising enough for the cost/downtime that I tried it anyway. Boy I am I glad I did! I was expecting... READ MORE

I had my first Restylane injection 2 years ago, and am still a devoted follower. I get my lips and nasal labial folds done once yearly, and not because I need it, but because the product does seem to last longer when it's "topped off" vs. waiting for it to be completely resorbed.... READ MORE

Looked great the first couple of days when slightly swollen. Perhaps because I was thinking of supermodel big lips I'm not satisfied. After a few days it felt like the size went down to my normal lip size. Okay, lips are a tiny bit fuller. I'm going to give it another try, I had 1cc so I'm... READ MORE

Ive always had pretty much NO upper lip...couldnt wear lipstick without brown lipliner to make it look bigger. I finally made the decision to get veneers (my teeth were a whole different story) and I had the temporary veneers applied today, so I figured now was as best a time as ever to do the... READ MORE

I had been obsessing about my upper lip and laugh line for a long time. I looked in my Seattle Magazine for who Seattle thinks is a top rated Dermatologist in the area. I found my doctor in downtown Seattle and set up my apt. What could it hurt, I knew it would dissolve eventually if I didn't... READ MORE

I got restylane dermal filler for my under eyes hollow and dark circles. Immidiately after the procedure I was very swollen and the dark circles were darker. When the girl who takes the after pictures came to the room the doctor didn't let her speak to me and no pictures were taken after the... READ MORE

Dr. Gowda - thank you for making me a happier person with your flawless execution for this procedure. The procedure took 30 minutes to complete. The Dr. was on time for the procedure and his assistance was polite and respectful. They really make me feel comfortable during the whole event. I... READ MORE

I decided to get some Restylane filler work done in my lips and the corners under my mouth, and although it's a subtle change I couldn't be happier with how much better I feel and look. It adds that perfect touch to balance out my features nicely! I intend to keep it up- very little downtime for... READ MORE

He is an artist!!! John Anastasatos is the only one I trust with my face, skin and anti aging regime. I am an actress and I want the best results. And his work is so natural and beautiful. I couldn't be happier! He is knowledgeable and precise. I feel safe and beautiful in his hands. Thank you... READ MORE

Being the first time I was getting a dermal filler, I was not sure about it and also the outcome. My issue was "dark and deep dark circles" under eyes area. Mrs Shah Desai kindly explained the procedure in detail to me. She used Restylane Emervel. Fantastic results and fantastic Doctor; she... READ MORE

I just left Dr. Donath's office and had to immediately write a review (which I've never done before) because my experience was that great! Dr. Donath and his entire staff are fantastic; I was promptly seen and immediately felt comfortable thanks to Doctor Donath and his nurse's bedside manner.... READ MORE

Dr Eviatar Is an artist ; I was extremely scared of looking not natural ;he did my fillers,Restylane and Volume in several visits so I felt comfortable and the look was super natural!!!! I also did Botox with him and NEVER looked frozen,I a in the fashion business so I see a LOT of bad work... READ MORE

I've had thin lips since I can remember. Having lip fillers has been a top priority for me forever, so I finally scheduled a consult and procedure. I am so happy I went with the Marina del Rey Plastic Surgery Center. The facility is clean and comfortable; everyone who works there is pleasant... READ MORE

I had Restalyne put in my lips on Friday. While I was in a bit of pain afterwards, I was immediately thrilled. I wish they would stay that way, but when the swelling went down, they look gorgeous! Dr. Parhiscar is very very knowledgeable and honest. I would definitely recommend him. His staff,... READ MORE

At the first visit, Dr.Ransom injected too much restylane on my tear ditch, made two bumps under my eyes. The bumps were too big so I have to dissolve them with Hyaluronidase, but he dissolved too much restylane. One eye's tear ditch came back to the original status immediately, and the other... READ MORE

I had Restylane injected in my marionette lines. The procedure took about 15 minutes after the application of numbing cream and was relatively painless. The effect is amazing, definitely worthwhile. Although the effect is subtle it truly makes a difference. It not only takes about 10 years off,... READ MORE

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