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Perlane is an injectable filler used to treat facial folds, wrinkles, and lips. Some have used Perlane to augment the chin and cheeks as well. In July 2015, Perlane was rebranded as Restylane Lyft and FDA approved to correct both smile lines and loss of volume in the cheeks. LEARN MORE ›

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Perlane in Cheeks ON TOP of Radiesse

Started doing Radiesse to plump up lost volume in what used to be "really great high cheek bones", something I heard often. At 43, I was seeing volume loss as well as little dimples of fat loss. Radiesse was GREAT...for a few weeks. While the volume was still there, the dimples... READ MORE

Luscious Lips - in Under an Hour!

I've been feeling lately like my lips could use a little "umph", so I scheduled an appointment with my doctor. Her staff told me I needed to stay off aspirin, and all other blood thinners beforehand. I was nervous, as I've never had injections before. They had me clean with... READ MORE

Nasolabial Folds - Give It Some Time and You'll LOVE the Results

I've been getting what my husband calls "female maintenance work" done by my derm for almost 10 years now, starting with Botox on the brow and microderms 4-5/x year and now have added Perlane for the naso-labial folds. The first time I tried Perlane I was initially worried that... READ MORE

Perlane and Restylane...Life a Good Way!

I had turned 45 and was looking in the mirror and noticing the folds and creases. I did not like what I saw. My doctor explained that the earlier you treat the folds and wrinkles the more success you can have with minimizing the lines and actually with a regular schedule, keep those lines at bay... READ MORE

Perlane for Lip Enhancement

I had Perlane for my lips 3 days ago to lift and fill out my upper lip, but I also got some in my lower lip. It looks great, except that there is a bruise on my bottom lip which cannot be covered up with lipstick, or makeup. Two people have told me it looks like I have a pen mark on my lip, so... READ MORE

Perlane Injections in to Nasal Folds and Around Mouth

I had Perlane injected into my nasal folds and around my mouth. It was a little uncomfortable but temporary. I had swelling for 1 day and it was completely filled in and flat after that. I had no bruising or irritation, lumpiness ..nothing. I am also a racial mix, with light olive skin.It has... READ MORE

Deep Glabella Lines and Nasolabial Folds! Great Improvement W/Perlane, Restylane and Dysport

I had severely deep glabella lines and deep nasolabial folds. I had 1 syringe of perlyne and 1 syringe of restylane and 1 of Dysport. Great Results,I could not be happier, I cant wait to go back and get more in other areas!i can feel some bumps under my skin, but cannot see them? it has been 3... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation & Raised Areas on Light Ethnic Skin After Perlane Injections

I experienced raised areas & hyperpigmentation after injections with the filler, Perlane. I did both my nasolabial folds to correct lines and replace volume, along with the corners of my mouth to correct their downturned appearance. Although I went to a very highly experienced READ MORE

Perlane Injections Left Me with a Terrible Red Raised Scar

I had Perlane injections for the first time two weeks ago. It was one of the worst things I have ever, EVER done. A blood vessel was clogged, and my entire face got very red and swollen. I had to take antibiotics and cortisone and am now left with a HORRIBLE red raised scar. DO NOT USE Perlane!! READ MORE

Perlane Doesn't Last on Me Anymore

Treatment is uncomfortable near nose but otherwise ok. Swelling lasts upto 5 days but is worth it if it lasts. The effect is amazing at first but doesnt last on me.I had 2 syringes of perlane in June, in nasiol labial folds and they wore off in 4 weeks! I had 2 more with a different clinic 5... READ MORE

Very Good Experience with Perlane Injections - Coral Springs, FL

It was a very good experience. They where very professional. They knew exactually where to inject to get the results I wanted, and did not over do it so I look natural.Will using OTC lotions, like something with retinol in it, affect the longevity of the Perlane. Is there any OTC facial... READ MORE

Perlanve Vs Radiesse for Nasolabial Folds?

I just went in for nasolabial fold fillers...and asked the nurse which would be the best choice between Perlane, Radiesse and Juvederm. She said Perlane, and used 1 1/2 tubes (I had to pay for 2)... but after doing research I think she pushed me into Perlane to get rid of it as Radiesse is a... READ MORE

Sub-q in Cheeks to Restore Lost Volume

Restylane Perlane sub-q to correct flat cheeks and slightly sunken eyes. Really happy with the results. It's quite painful, but only lasts for a few seconds. Some swelling for a few days after. 3 vials had so far. I've had Restylane Perlane sub-q in my cheeks (the apples), to restore... READ MORE

Perlane Under the Eyes

I had two syringes of Perlane injected into the tear troughs, under my eyes, and on the upper cheek bones. BTW: I had requested Restylane, but was talked into Perlane; as it would provide "more lift." It was done to reduce the tired appearance and dark circles under my eyes.I am... READ MORE

First Time Using Perlane Around Nose and Mouth - So Far So Good

I am a 40 year old female and have used Botox regularly since 28 but have never ventured down the filler path. I have always been told that I do not look my age and periodically when out with friends am actually still carded. However, this year I have gone through a very nasty divorce, the loss... READ MORE

Perlane 3 Syringes, then 3 More in 2 Weeks!

Some pain, some downtime, wanted to see if facial fillers were right for me or if I need something more aggressive! Loss of volume in face and deep fabio-folds!Had 3 syringes of Perlane 3 days ago. Results are ok. My Dr is having me come back in 2-3 weeks for 3 more syringes. The original... READ MORE

Swollen on One Side. Side W/o Swelling Looks Fantastic - Hawaii, HI

My sister works in a dermatologist office and my Prolane procedure was free, I was the face model. I had already seen great results from the fractionated light treatments over the last 4 months and had tried Botox; I was pleased with the results. I think the instant results and the human need... READ MORE

45 Years Old, Perlane is Worth It but Prepare for Downtime

I had Perlane treatment two days ago. I had 2 syringes injected, as I was told with only one, I would see improvement, but not correction. I was prepared for some swelling,and slight bruising,but I also seem to have very slight bleeding from one injection site. I have been appying ice to help... READ MORE

Perlane and Juviderm Ultra Plus for Nasolabial Folds, Lips

I got a perline injection and though i liked the results my lips were not as full as i had hoped for so about a week later i got a juviderm ultra plus injection to achieve more fullness. i love the results after the two vials were applied. it was the perfect amount to achieve fullness in the... READ MORE

Fillers (Perlane and Fat Grafts): A Waste of Money and Time

Perlane: Did not fill up my lips at all. It only improved my cheek folds about 40-50%, but lasted only about 4 months, so I don't recommend it. Fat grafts: I had it done twice. The second time, lips got nicely enlarged for about 1-2 weeks, then, they went back exactly as they were, which was... READ MORE

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